Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Only Trip to RIte-Aid This Week

No mid-week Sale ad at Rite-Aid this week so I went in already and got the freebies for the week after points...........

Buy 2 Lysol products for $5 and get $5 back in Plenti Points.  It becomes a moneymaker once you add a coupon to the deal(if you don't have to pay too much in sales tax where you live).

2 x Lysol items=$5.00
1 x .50¢/2 Lysol items IPQ(Lysol website) used.
$5.00-.50¢=$4.50 + .27¢ tax=$4.77 using Plenti points to pay.
I earned back $5 in new Plenti points so even with my state's tax this was a .23¢ moneymaker in points.

There is a limit of 1 of this deal per Wellness card.

So I did it again on my other card..........

2 x Lysol items=$5.00
The toilet bowl cleaner had a pamphlet around it's neck with 6 coupons on it so I used 2 of them on this order for a total of .75¢ off these 2 items.

There were large candy bar packs on sale BOGO and some had .50¢/1 Rite-Aid Qs attached to the packs,
So I bought 6 candy bars with Qs on them.
6 x BOGO candy bars($1.99 for 2)=$5.97

Coupons Used.....$3.75
Makes this order $7.22 + .22¢ tax=$7.44
I used $7.44 in Plenti points and earned $5 in new points back, making all this cost me $2.44 in points.
$2.44 in points minus the .23¢ moneymaker in points means I spent down $2.21 in points between the two transactions.

$33.10 worth of goodies for Zero money OOP.

And unless something else pops up this week I am done "Rite-Aiding" for the week.


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