Tuesday, December 1, 2015

More Rite-Aid This Week

Well this week's ad had me going back up to Rite-Aid Sunday morning after College Boy left to go back to school.

First on my son's card..........

6 x Schick men's disposable razors on sale 2/$14=$42.00

Coupons Used
2 x $7/2 Schick razors IPQ(coupons dotcom)=$14.00
1 x $7/2 Schick razors Load2CardQ=$7.00
Coupon Total.........$21.00

$42-$21=$21.00 + $1.90tax=$21.90 Subtotal

Used $21.90 in Plenti Points and earned $20 in new points with Zero OOP.
This means each package "cost" me .31 & 2/3¢ in this transaction.

Then I bought 6 more packages with my card and rinse and repeat........

6 x assorted Schick disposable razor packages on sale 2/$14=$42.00

I used the same 3 coupons as before.

$42-$21Qs=$21 + $1.92tax=$21.92 Subtotal
I don't know why this transaction tax was 2 cents more. 8-P

Anyway, I used $21.92 in Plenti Points and earned $20 in new points with Zero OOP.
This means each package "cost" me .32¢ in this transaction.

So I now have a 2 year supply of razors at .31 or .32¢ per package or 145 razors for .026¢ each.

I also bought 2 x $25 Kohl's gift cards on my card and earned $10 in new Plenti points.
I may go back later this week and buy 2 more gift cards on my son's card too for the points.
I use these Kohl's gift cards for gifts or to purchase clothing when College Boy needs replacement items so the cash for them doesn't come out of the food/toiletries monies.  It's spending ahead on the gift cards for money that will have to be spent later on but doing it this way I get "free" points/money to put toward toiletries at Rite-Aid.



  1. I know razors are expensive but I refuse to buy disposable ones. I dry mine off after daily use and it lasts so much longer. In fact, I'm using the same razor blade I put in last summer. I read that tip from Clark Howard! I got a bargain this morning-fresh cranberries for .$39 at Aldi's- I bought 3 packages. I didn't buy much else- don't really need any food at all and the organic FF milk lasts me 2 weeks.

  2. Okay, now I am going to check out couponsdotcom!

  3. I wish you would come to Birmingham and give me Rite Aid lessons. I am failing miserably right now.


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