Tuesday, December 22, 2015

And Just to Add to the Holiday Joys....

I bought something on eBay.
I don't expect it to arrive before Christmas since I bought it on Sunday and it's shipping from St. Paul.
I go onto My eBay today and it says the item was shipped and it was delivered on Monday!?!
The tracking number the nimrod supplied to eBay for it says it was shipped to Minneapolis.
I don't live in Minneapolis(far from there!)and have no earthly reason to ship anything to Minneapolis when I live in Pennsylvania.

So I have written to the seller asking "WTF?!" basically.
Either they put the wrong tracking number in or I am dealing with a flake.

I hope this doesn't turn into a big ball of crap and I have to worry about getting my money back.

Trying not to panic.....yet! lolz


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