Monday, June 10, 2013

This Week On the Dining Table

I am right on schedule with this post this week....will wonders never cease?!


Here's what was planned last week--

Sunday--Hot Dogs, leftover beans, corn and 'new pickles'
Monday--Fend for Yourself night as Hubs was late from an out-of-town meeting
Tuesday--Chicken Fajitas
Wednesday--Chicken Parm, Sumer Squash Casserole
Friday--Fajitas Redux
Saturday--WTHK---> Who The Heck Knows!
We stuck to the list fairly well though not on the days I had planned.  I got Chinese take-out on Thurs. so we didn't do the Tacos, and Hubs wasn't up to a big meal the last 2 days so it was leftover Fajitas for moi only.

I spent $46.02 on $73.93 worth of groceries last week.  Mostly on produce, eggs and crabmeat.

Here's this week's meal plan--
Sunday--Grilled Pork Chop, Summer Squash Sauté, Macaroni Salad
Monday--Tacos, Corn
Tuesday--Ravioli, Salad, Garlic Bread
Wednesday--Sloppy Joes on Buns, Brussel Sprouts
Thursday--Quiche, Salad
Friday--No Clue
Saturday--No Clue

#2 Son is home for dinner 3 nights this week so I asked him for 2 dinner suggestions.  He said he'd eat Tacos(of course!lol), Ravioli and Quiche and I should make other things the nights he's working.
Thus he avoided giving me 2 dinner suggestions....the boy is a genius I tell ya! ;-)

So I am taking suggestions from my readers for what to serve 2 nights this week.  Something for 2 people, that is low sodium but tasty and hopefully I have most of the ingredients to make already here.
A bonus if one meal uses the Fajitas filling(chicken, peppers, onions and mushrooms)I have leftover.
Good luck! 8-))

On the shopping list so far--
fruit, orange juice, produce, salad greens, turkey breast meat, cheese, half and half and "junk" for Noah(ramen noodles, hash browns, burritos, etc.)

So that's where the food money stands now and what's appearing on the kitchen table this week here at Chez Sluggy.
What's getting fixed and served at your house this week?



  1. Tonight, I am cooking some reduced steaks like they were a roast with potatoes, carrots, and onion. Then, tomorrow, I will bake a turkey and sweet potatoe--doxens of them. That and salad greens and fruit should hold me through the week. And, two friends are coming to put in one ac and change another ac to another room. At least I can feed them without cooking that day. All but the breast of the turkey will go home with one of the friends. The rest of the turkey breast and steak/roast will make meals for me.

    I have to buy milk, bananas, and some expensive cherries, just a few. When the ads come out on Wednesday, if there is anything cheap with my coupons, I might buy something.

  2. Your guess is probably better than mine. I am thinking Italian sausage and vegetable stirfry. Booooring, but quick and easy.

  3. souped up leftovers tonight. Woohoo!!!

  4. Hey Sluggy! I was wondering if you saw this in your neck of the woods......

    1. You mean I really didn't win $18,000?!?

  5. make pioneer woman's cajun chicken pasta.... so good!

  6. I'm liking the new background!
    I have no idea what to cook. Maybe grill some veggies? And that's all that you get from me!
    You are doing very well with your new budget and keeping on track. Show off.


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