Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Want To Win Stuff? Lookie Here!

It's Summer.  Things slow down this time of year in the Bloggiverse.
I think it's time for a return of.........

Here's how it works if you are new here.......
I put things in the box(mostly what I have gotten for free or almost free)each week and when the box is filled we draw a winner from all the entries received.

Here is what went into the Box today.....

1.  A box of Calgon Bath Beads
2.  A Glade Air Freshener Dispenser
3.  A book called "Poetry of Home"

If this is your first time, please go read all the rules for these Giveaways HERE.  *As always, if you are located outside the US, you CAN enter and win but weight restrictions/shipping costs may mean your prize box will contain less items.*

***Time to enter.....You can enter on this Giveaway post until I close this post to entries.

1 entry per person per day on THIS POST.
Leave your name/email addy and a COMMENT on this post.  

This week I want to hear about your Suumer plans....
Are you going on a vacation? 
Do you have something you regularly do, activity to do or place to go in the Summer? 
If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world during the Summer and money was no object, where would you go?
You can come directly to this blog post or find it through the link on the right side bar to leave 1 comment per day.  The current Giveaway Post will be linked right at the top of the side bar.

Please NOTE--You MUST be a follower to enter the Giveaway.  If you aren't one, just click on the "Follow" button on the right hand side of my blog to become a follower.

There are 2 ways to get 2 EXTRA entries on this and each new Giveaway Post.......

1. Put my blog on your blog's Blogroll.  Leave an extra comment for this entry on THIS POST with the URL of your blog so I can go check it out. **If I'm already on your Blogroll, say so in an extra entry comment once each week of this giveaway.
2.  Blog about this Giveaway on your blog with a link to this post.  Leave an extra comment for this entry on THIS POST with a link to your blog post so I can go view it.  You can do this extra entry once each week of this giveaway.
These giveaways run about 4 weeks, depending on how often I get a blog post done.  The winner will be drawn from all valid entries received before the closing date of the giveaway.

 Any questions?  Just email me.

Happy Entering!! 



  1. I plan to have one of three planned surgeries this summer. I have choices--spinal surgery, knee meniscus surgery, or rotator cuff surgery.

    The last time I left the state of AL, I went to my brother's funeral. The time before that, to my mother's funeral. If I could go anywhere with money no object, I would go visit my three children who live in three directions in the us, all 1000 miles or more from here. Money is no object? A year in Australia.

  2. You are on my blog roll. This is the only time I can enter this way this week?

  3. ooh.........I would like this. We are going to the beach in July. We usually go there. IF I could go anywhere, I'd love to go to England, Ireland and Germany. You are on my blogroll and I am a follower.

  4. Lets try this again. We are going to the beach next month. Would love to visit Europe. I am a follower and you are on my blogroll.

  5. Here is your contest on my blog.

  6. We are leaving in a few weeks for a road trip to Mt. Rushmore. Excited!

  7. No vacation for me this summer. I did go to Disneyland in April with family and I'm going home to PA in September for my xx high school reunion, but that's in the fall. No blog, I just live through other folk's.

  8. I live at the beach, so why go on a vacation? ;-) I live at a cool-weather beach with temps rarely going above 70 degrees. I'll spend my summer dinking around in my vegetable garden, sitting on my deck watching eagles and seagulls, and getting out for a walk with the dog every day, no matter the weather. We walk down some very low-traffic streets most days but we do go down for beach walking about 2 or 3 days each week.

  9. My plans for the summer are to work on the pool, pull weeds and complain about DJ.

  10. So far, the only plans I have are a trip to the casino with my girlfriend but we have not set a date yet.

  11. This post is now closed to entries. Please see the new giveaway post.


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