Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Money Running Through Our Hands

I lied the other day when I said we hadn't eaten out/gotten take-out all week.
Mea culpa.

It's  heck getting old and not being able to remember stuff.....
Hubs & I did go out for lunch on Saturday after viewing the "shit hole" property and taking some headstone photos at the cemetery nearby.

I took him out for Father's Day to Friendly's in a town south of here.  They are usually crowded big time on weekends as they are across from the town's mall, but not last Saturday they were not.
It was a lovely meal.  I blew my sodium restrictions but not by much and I took half my sandwich home to eat for dinner.
And then we had ice cream.
And we spent $30 with a $5+ tip.
Yeah, I was bad...... ;-)

We went down to this town after our earlier adventures to possibly buy a pressure washer.  Kmart had one on sale last week and we need to pressure washer our house and the deck.   I figured if this one was heavy duty enough for these needs it would pay for itself(vs. the cost of a rental)in a few years plus it was almost Father's Day and what guy doesn't appreciate a new "toy" in his work shed?
But Hubs didn't seem too thrilled with a PW for a gift(go figure!lol)plus though buying a new PW would be the frugal thing in the long run vs. renting each time we wanted to PW something, who needs more crap in the garage or work shed taking up space?  For something that would get so little use, it makes more sense for us at this point to rent or borrow one from someone we know, when we need one.

So quick on my feet(or should that be brain?), I told Hubs I would take him to Boscov's(the regional/local hoity toity dept. store)across the street and buy him some new work clothes.  I knew he wanted to pick up a few summer type shirts as his were getting ratty.  They also had a great sale on nice belts(of which Hubs could use a couple)for $3.99 and a killer deal on dress socks(.99¢ a pr.).
Hubs hardly ever buys new clothes so it was nice to help him pick out some things.
We left with an armload full and a new bill of $118 + change charged to the c/c bill(which will be paid off this month).

Hubs and I hardly ever go shopping together anymore.  That use to be one of our main entertainments(well, sort of entertainments)when we were younger.....and usually we had kids along with us so not so enjoyable and Hubs wasn't the one enjoying the experience anyway back then, because he's a guy and isn't "in to" shopping.  The only shopping I use to enjoy was buying other family members stuff or going discount store or clearance sale shopping.  Give me a rathole store with low prices or a sea of clearance racks and I am in my element.
But that all went by the wayside about 7-8 years ago when I joined The Compact. (It helped to that my kids had gotten older and didn't need as much in the way of clothing/weren't outgrowing stuff as quickly/had gotten part time jobs to pay for their own "wants".......)

So there.....
I feel better having come clean on all my non-grocery spending (about $150)last week. 

It would make the spending we will be doing on the house coming up this summer not seem as bad.

So did you get any presents or do something special for your Hubs/Father/SO last week?



  1. I love Boscov's! It's about the only store that I don't mind going just to go. Always awesome sales and very reasonable prices on their stuff. I took my dad along with 3 of my other 4 siblings to see Man of Steel (3D), plus dinner. It was nice, quiet, and painless. He loves spending time with the babies (elder brother's kids).

  2. These are some nice prices! I don't remember when was the last time I saw a belt for $3.99!! I think, that's a Goodwill price right now :) My Hubby rarely buys clothes too but we got him a nice new shirt to wear for the interviews recently ($19.99 down from $129 - the fanciest shirt he ever owed :)

  3. I gave Hubby a subscription to Time magazine and a big bag of chives. LOL!


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