Sunday, June 9, 2013

The "A" Triple Play

Well I have known for awhile that on my mother's side of things, I come from a line of French Huguenots who fled France around 1572.

But I never for the life of me thought I'd find a Huguenot connection on my father's side of the things....the Catholic side of things......and in, of all places Ireland!

I have a double dose of French blood it seems.....
Sacré  bleu!

And not only does this line make me a distant cousin of a known(or should that be infamous?)French Revolutionary & Anarchist in recent generations.

It also seems I come by my dramatic nature honestly, as this same line contains quite a few Irish "Scenery Chewers" aka "Stage Hams" aka Actors.

And to top things off, I appear to have a rather large contingency of relations in......

Actors, Anarchists and Aussies......

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.



  1. It's amazing what a diverse background most of us have -- what our parents remember/tell us is usually such a small bit of it. You're a good detective!

    1. Fair detective really....I get bored and impatient too easily.
      At this point, NOTHING I find would surprise me as far as ethnicity and point of origin. lol

      I just sent away for a DNA test kit too. I wonder what that will uncover....!

  2. You are such a good detective, finding all this diversity in your past. What does your husband think about his Huguenot past?

    1. The Huguenots are mine, not Hubs. He is basically Sicilian, German and Dutch with an Irish Catholic thrown in here and there for good measure.

  3. It's amazing what turns up when you research your family. It's so much fun!


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