Friday, June 7, 2013

May I Introduce to You.....

Someone unknown to me until now, a distant cousin on my Baker family tree, sent me an email last evening through Ancestry.  In it, he provided some information that provides confirmation on my Baker line of ancestors via DNA testing.   This news means I can now introduce you to one of my long, long, long ago ancestors.
She was not a Baker but the Bakers of my Great Grandmother's family links her to my generation.
At least that is how it appears at the moment.  There are still unresolved questions about the blood line.

I proudly introduce to you who appears to be my 10 x Great Grandmother, Sarah Isgar.....

Daughter of William Isgar and Elizabeth Sainsbury Isgar
Born abt. 1625 in West Lavington, Wiltshire, England
Died 17 Sep 1677 in Groombridge Estate, Speldhurst, Kent, England

Nice looking gal, huh?

And here is her husband Phillip Packer, my 10 x Great Grandfather......

Born 24 Jun 1618 Speldhurst, Kent, England
Died 24 Dec 1686 Groombridge Estate, Speldhurst, Kent, England

And here is their son, Philip Packer, my 9 x Great Grandfather.....

Born abt. 1656 in London, England.
Died 1739 in Burlington county, New Jersey, USA

There's a story behind all of this of course.
A story involving love, bastardy, climbing the social ladder despite the English caste system, intrigue, exile, the fight for Irish rule of Ireland, the reign of Stuart King, Charles II of England, being a  victim of primogeniture, Quakers, Mormons and gunsmiths.
And William Penn kinda figures into it as well.

Some day I'll get around to rambling on about it.




  1. Wow, that's pretty neat you were able to get those photos! Very cool. They were so photogenic back in the age.

    1. Not so much a matter of being photogenic(or should that be "painting-genic"?lol) a matter of the subjective eye of the artist and keeping in mind that he wants to get paid for his commission, so it had better turn out flattering. ;-)

  2. That whole story is so interesting! You are good.

  3. If anyone wants to know the painters who did these portraits, Philip Packer I was done by a follower of Sir Peter Lely, Philip Jr by Charles Beale and Sarah Isgar by John Greenhill(also a pupil of Peter Lely who was the court painter to Charles II). Greenhill led a life cut short by a penchant for hanging out with the "theatre crowd" and drinking. He was found passed out drunk in an alley and carried home to die that same night. Aged 32.

  4. Your male ancestors were dandy boys.

    1. Dandy boys or "dandy" boys? lol
      I think all the gentry at that time in that place were wig, wearing, handkerchief waving poofies.... ;-)

  5. Its neat that you are able to know that you're related to them. Were they royalty? Its very odd that they were all painted if they weren't.


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