Monday, June 3, 2013

Coupon Inserts Crap--Rant of The Week

*This post is in no way meant to malign anyone reading who actually buys the stuff discussed below.  Think of it instead as a wake up call about being frivolous with your money.

I want to talk about Coupon Inserts this morning.
Specifically those pages of garbage, companies advertise to sell to the public in those inserts.

All I can say is what a waste of your good money if you buy that stuff.
Now I'm not talking about necessities sold via those insert ads.
Granted now and again there might be a true need offered for sale there, like an article of clothing(though the style is questionable) or footwear or wiper blades for your car or something similar.
Those things are money well spent if you need it and it's a good deal(for the quality).

What I'm talking about is the tchotchkes, collectibles, and other pointless wastes of money offered to get you separated from your cash.
I know, I know.......some of it is cute and irresistible but many dust collectors does one need in their lifetime?

Let's have a look at this week's crop of drek......

First up, we have kitties.....

"An heirloom treasure is yours to claim!"
For the low LOW price of $2.95 get the 1st Captivating Cat figurine.
Then every month they'll send you another one, for which you only pay $15, for the next 23 months.
You also get as a BONUS a flimsy wooden cat holder shadowbox thingy to hold them all.
They are 1.5" tall.
In the end, you will be out approx. $347......$347!
But with an aDOREable set of miniature dust collectors to show for your money.

Then there is this of my favorites......

Designer Checks.

Nobody cares what your checks look like.....not the electric company, the grocery store cashiers nor the mortgage company.  Heck, you can take any piece of paper and write your own check technically and the bank is suppose to honor it.
Designer checks are a waste of ink and your money.

Seriously, you can't get checks for free or cheap at your bank or credit union?   Then you need to find a better bank......or maybe it's a matter of having more of your money IN the bank to get the free check perks, etc.  If you are wasting your money buying designer checks and cat figurines, maybe that's why you don't have enough money in your account to be a valued customer of your financial institution.
Not hating on anyone, just raising a valid point here. 8-)

I LOVE the part in this ad where they tell you the 1st box is $5.50 and if you buy 2 boxes it's only $11(which is 2 x $5.50, right?).  Then they tell you that you only pay $16.50 for 4 boxes, which means your 4th box is free.  But at $16.50, that comes out to $4.12(& 1/2¢)per box.
Wouldn't that $16.50 be much better spent on a donation to a local food bank or some  real world need?

And here's another one.....

A "Mystical Feline Fairy"

What's with all the cat crap?
Where is the equal time for dog crap?? lol

For the low price of $29.99(plus $8.99), you too can be out $38.98 for this 5" tall ceramic cat tchotchke worth about 1.50¢ and produced in China.
OOoo!  But, but it's got a REAL Swarovski crystal on the collar!  And it's limited to 95 firing days and a Hamilton Collection collectible.
Do you know how many of these they can churn out in 95 days?  Billions!

But this is the biggest scam of the week......

The Official U.S. Presidential Coin Set.
Your 1st set is a mere $14.95.  Each subsequent coin set in the series will cost you $29.95(+ $2 shipping & service) and at the end of it all, IF you buy the full set, they send you a FREE display chest.

Do you know how many presidents there have been?
If they are only making coins for the dead ones, that is 40 coins at the moment.
If you get all 40, you will be out $1,183 for that set.
A set of 3 $1 coins worth $3.... x 40 sets equals $120.
Yes, these are worth face value only.
You are spending just short of 10 TIMES what these are worth.
Does this kind of spending make any sense for anyone, short of a die-hard coin collector??

For a coin that the money spending public didn't want.  The Federal Reserve has BILLIONS of these things sitting in vaults taking up space because when they were produced no one who uses money wanted to use them in circulation.
So the Feds suspended production of this really wasteful idea and are only going to produce the rest of the presidential $1 coins for collectors who pre-order them(so there will be less of them from Grover Cleveland on down).

The PCS Stamps and Coins company(who bring you this fine offer)are betting on you not knowing the lack of rarity of these coins and the fact that you can't or don't care to do the math and see the crazy amount of coin you will be dropping on this item!
In the ad, they try to create a demand for the items harping on the "severe(ly) restricted inventories". LOLZ
Act now!!.....before someone stops you on the street and tries to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

So to recap, if we fell for all these coupon insert offers this week, how much poorer would we each be after paying for all these complete sets?



And you'd have a handful of ceramic doo-dads, 4 boxes of checks you can get at the bank for free and $40 worth of legal tender cash monies(plus a flimsy wooden shelf and a plastic display chest to put in your next garage sale) in return for draining your savings account of over $1500.

So the next time you reach for your credit card or the phone to buy this kind of stuff, think about what meaningful things you can do for your family or community for this kind of money.
It's a nice vacation.
It's a new couple of appliances in your kitchen.
It's a new wardrobe.
It's a house payment.
It's emergency dental work if you don't have insurance(and even sometimes when you do!)
It's season tickets to some artistic group or cultural activity.
It's enough to dig a new well and install a pump and filtration system for a third world impoverished village.
It's a nice deposit into your kid's 529 college plan.

I am sure you can think of more ways to better use that kind of cash, rather than buying unnecessary
stuff from a coupon insert.




  1. I like my designer checks but I may change how we do it to save some money this year... BUT since we do most of our bill paying through the internet online banking, I'm already saving a bundle on checks and stamps.

  2. They put them strategically with the coupons so you think "oh, I am saving all this money, now I can totally get this cat fairy statue I have no need for, no space for it, and didn't even know existed".

    I have a friend who paid $55 for standard bank checks with PNC. I was thinking she meant $5. But $55 for a book of standard checks?! I've told her a million times she needs a better bank, what with all of the other fees she incurs, but she likes the convenience of having a local branch (which was just removed this past month, and now it's ridiculously inconvenient to deposit or withdraw). Sometimes those inserts are as funny as the Sunday funnies. Except when you realize that real people buy this stuff. Then it's just scary.

  3. I order my checks on-line. Our bank is super expensive when it comes to buying checks but everything else is free so I love my bank. And we go through maybe 30 checks a year so its no big deal too me.
    And I know a lot of the stuff is crap-yes, crap! Why anyone would buy that stuff is beyond me? Its like the QVC of the paper.

  4. Anything from Franklin Mint is a dud too!

  5. TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!! When I was a teenager I worked in a gift store at the mall. The ones that got me were the plate collectors and the doll collectors. Those people spent some serious $$. Inevitably these collections end up at a goodwill or in a yardsale.

    Love that mystical is hard to believe that someone, somewhere is filling in the order sheet right now:)

  6. I think the kitties are cute, not the mystical feline though. On a serious note, people will order this stuff so that they get something in the mail and they feel special. Its quite sad.

  7. Just where is the chicken crap?

    I enjoy reading these ads and wonder who on earth buys these pieces of junk. the ads are entertaining.

    My senior bank account is free as are my checks. "Free" is what counts in checks! However, those checks are so pretty and tempting. Even if I could afford them, I would still not buy them.


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