Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The "Good" Doctor

In the continuing saga of my ex-primary doctor.......

Well the week of April 29th-May 3rd was a great week for my ex-doctor.
He was such the popular fellow that there was an article in the local newspaper about him and his tale of woe every day that week.

The Times Leader site won't let me pull up the article from April 29th but here are the others from the competing newspaper.....

APRIL 30th
MAY 1st
MAY 2nd
MAY 3rd

Plus I found this tidbits on the Times Leader online site....

The state Board of Osteopathic Medicine reports that:
• Mark Gonsky, of Luzerne County, was ordered to attend a course in prescribing controlled substances in 2012, institute contracts for the management of any chronic pain patients and engage a professional office management company to review his documentation practices and then re-evaluate the documentation practices six months later because he failed to maintain complete records for his patient.

Things have been kind of low key in the news media for him lately.  THIS is the latest article I could find on him this morning.

I do feel some compassion for the man but I am still very very angry.....



  1. It's hard to feel very compassionate for a person who brakes and abuses the law like this...

  2. That is definitely NOT the kind of publicity I'd like to see of someone I put my trust and health into.

  3. I'm sorry but I feel nothing for him and I hope he has to go through what he put you through. He almost killed you. He's a worthless bastard. And yes, I swore on your blog. I don't care, I almost lost my sluggy.

  4. Darlin', just be careful about mentioning his name because desperate people like to sue!

    1. Quoting the newspaper and including their posts should be a good defense for sluggy.

  5. I am not so sure I can extend my compassion so far as to feel for a doctor who did not follow standard practices that I feel quite sure he knew. The surge of hormones caused by his dalliance with the receptionist may have led to lapses in judgment in many areas. However, this is just one instance of a doctor feeling he is above all laws. Besides, he almost killed you. if you had not lived to tell us, we would have never known.

  6. You are a good person to feel compassion but you also could have died. He need to be brought down a peg or 6?


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