Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Leon Day!

Happy Leon Day everyone!

I almost forgot it was Leon Day today.

Yes, it's exactly 6 months before Christmas Day...or 6 months after Christmas Day if you look at it that way. ;-)
Or to put it another way, there are only 182 more shopping days until Christmas! 8-))
Did I scare ya? lol

So with 6 months to go, it's time for a check-up.
How is your HOLIDAY SAVINGS PLAN doing?

What's that?
You don't HAVE a Holiday Savings Plan?
You aren't putting away money for Holiday spending??

Why not?
If you celebrate one of the Winter Holidays, aren't you going to be buying gifts for people, special Holiday food, going somewhere special for the Holiday, etc?

The Holidays come around every year....like clockwork really!

Shouldn't you have a plan to keep from going into debt for the Holidays?
Now is the time to do something.....anything in the way of putting money aside for the Holidays.

Take action asap and get out of that "Oh my goodness, it's *insert the Holiday you celebrate here*!  Quick, go buy stuff and put it onto a credit card because we didn't plan ahead and don't have spare cash for it!!" mind set.

If you have thought ahead before now to have a pile of cash for Holiday spending, it's time to check in on where you are in your saving progress. 
Do you have enough saved and/or is there enough months left to have enough saved for the spending you plan to do?
If you find you are behind schedule in your Holiday fund, then make plans now to ratchet the savings up.
You'll be glad you did when December rolls around.

Who needs the added stress of the thought of credit card bills rolling in after January 1st because you bought stuff you couldn't afford in December.

Start 2014 by not going into(or deeper into)debt!  It all starts NOW.....



  1. Leon day? Hmmm.

    I am racking up a few Swagbuck points to use on Amazon. I bought at a very deep discount plush throws about the size of a twin blanket for daughter and her two children. I have a box for gifts. There are things in there I have forgotten about. There are several candy dishes on clearance waaay after Christmas. Yard sales have not yielded anything so far. There will be no debt.

    1. Yah for planning ahead and no debt for Xmas spending!

  2. lol! EVERYDAY is Leon day!!! But thanks for the heads up! Now I have a new holiday!

    1. Well you have your own personal Leon there....duh! lolz

  3. Had never heard of Leon day. Thought it was somehow related to the Leo sign or the Lion in Chinese zodiac. *leaves with sad face*

    I was done with savings by March, thankfully. $700 total. Everyone in my list gets cash unless I find something that really matches them. Otherwise, cash it is. Haven't heard anyone complain about it yet! Any extra I collect (from card points and rewards) will be used for myself during Christmas... or go to the car fund. Not sure how it will play out. If you make a post about how to match gifts to people, I'll admire you forever. Because I'm not much of a matched gift person.

    1. Well I guess you won't be admiring me forever....lol

      I use to buy all year as I found stuff someone would like and it was cheap. Throw it all into a box and dig it out in early Dec.....as long as I didn't forget that box I was in good shape.
      It's much easier to just give cash or wanted gift cards, rather than trying to pick out specific items for people...especially since shopping in Nov./Dec. is horribly stressful!
      You are better off giving cash or gcs. 8-)

  4. I have $460.17 but you know this already. I also have about $20 in swagbucks to cash in and pushing $300 in credit card points that I haven't touched yet. I'm not adding those to the totals until I have them in my hot little hands.

    1. That's almost $800(if you count your hot little hands) and it's only June.
      What is your goal this year?...I forget.....

      You are in fine shape SA!!


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