Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Me & My Shadow

If you remember, I posted about a trip to a cemetery the day before yesterday to take some photos to post on Find A Grave, in which I also believe I saw an "apparition".

Yesterday I went and posted about 60 photos on F.A.G.--either had to post a memorial on the site since the person had none or added my photos to existing memorials of individuals if there was no photo or if my photo some how enhanced the memorial.  Sometimes the photos on the memorials are not very good(fuzzy, too far away to read the inscription or otherwise not very helpful)so if I get a good shot off, I'll hand it over to a memorial someone else created or maintains.

Another thing I do, especially if I am creating a memorial on F.A.G. on which to place the headstone photo on, since I have no clue who the person is/was, I'll go on Ancestry dotcom and research them briefly to see who is family to them and then search out that person on F.A.G. and find the member who is maintaining their memorial and let them know of the family connection so they can link their person to mine.  The more information on the person's memorial, the better able someone looking for their ancestors can locate them if my belief.

Well, sit down, because if you thought I was seeing things before, because it's getting a whole lot WEIRDER!

Two of the pictures I had snapped were of a headstone for "Santee", Joshua and his wife Elizabeth.  A really big, pretty rose colored chunk of granite with both their names on it.  I took a close-up of the inscription and a distance shot that took in the whole "rock" too. 
I went on F.A.G. and found that both Joshua and Elizabeth had memorials already put up by the same member, but neither one of them had a close-up of the wording on the stone, so I put my photo up on both of their memorials.

The other member did not however have their memorials linked, so I wrote to her and mentioned that if she gets some time, it would be nice to have them linked.  Just a suggestions as sometimes, if you are trying to get many people online for the site, you overlook some details like that.

Some people get very offended if you write and suggest things like this so I am always very careful to be none threatening.....though goodness knows, how or why anyone would feel threatened by ME escapes my reasoning! lol

I got a nice reply from the member and she did link this couple in her memorials.  She also let me know that she had put an interesting newspaper article from 1894 up on Joshua's memorial.
Please go read it HERE.

It's said that ghosts or apparitions or spirits whom make they presence known on Earth after their passing are still here because of unresolved issues, or a traumatic death.  Their energy refuses to leave
the physical world because of this.

After I read that newspaper article about Mr. Santee, I went and looked at my photograph of the burial map for the cemetery.  When I thought I "saw" that apparition of a man dressed in pants & a coat  from the 1850's(early Victorian era), I was standing in the vicinity of Joshua's headstone.  Mr. Santee would have been in his prime of adulthood during that time period, which matches the rough age & style of clothing of the figure I "saw".

When that sunk into my brain, I started freaking out all over again!

I told Hubs all this last night when he got home.  He rolled his eyes at me and said I needed a life. ;-)
I figured he'd react like that.....

A couple of things happened that evening, little things, like the sprayer on the kitchen faucet started spraying for no reason when we turned on the faucet(and it's not broken), and my printed was acting up.  We started joking that it was Joshua.....he got in the car and followed me home the other day.

Hey, now that I've made a new "friend" maybe I'll get out more.  It's sad when the long dead have a better social life than you.....




  1. Stop creeping me out. Really, STOP IT!
    Why do you have to be so odd, go for a darned walk in the park like everyone else? That was all said with love but you needed to hear it. Tough love.

  2. LOL! That IS a bummer when the dead have a better social life. And what jokesters they are!!
    I'm afraid I agree with your hubs, but you don't have to tell him that!

  3. LOL! You're not creeping me out. My parents have a ghost in their house and they are the first owners. Mom figures there must have been a house there before many, many years ago.

    Give Joshua a good home.

  4. I find it highly unlikely that he would follow you home but its pretty cool that you saw him. Poor guy has spent a long time as a lost soul.

  5. Maybe you get more full social life by getting in the cars of complete strangers in order to go home with them. You probably won't ever get to their home. But, you will probably get to ride in the back seat with some nice men in blue, meet lots of other "interesting" folk, and maybe get a new dress with long sleeves that tie in the back.

  6. Eep. Goosebumps! I think you should deliver some flowers to him and his wife. Maybe he'll be more willing to chat?


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