Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What is Wrong With People?

I just saw the local news report below and I am sick to my stomach.
What the hell is wrong with people today?

News Report

Doing something like this to your brother or your own child?
Not caring for someone who can't care for themselves and not taking him to a facility where he can get adequate care because you don't want to lose his Social Security check each month?

Where are the people who should be overseeing caretakers?  Just because they are family doesn't mean some agency shouldn't be monitoring his care!  They hadn't taken him to a dr. in almost 4 YEARS.  If a social worker had seen the man sometime in the past 4 years and recognized his deteriorating state(he didn't dwindle down to 60 lbs. in a couple of months afterall-this took years!), they would have yanked him out and gotten him adequate protection from these monster who profess to be his family.

Now I am getting mad......



  1. I hope those fat women (obviously they are very well fed while their brother only weighed 69 pounds) get the book thrown at them. Horrible!

  2. That is very terrible, sad, but probably happens more often than we'd like. There's no way to keep track of the aging population when forms you send home return signed with a falsified signature. Too many people, too few social workers that care, and far more people who don't care enough for others. Sad state of the world.

  3. I was just having a conversation along the same lines the other day. We were discussing what my grandmother's caretaker has had to go through in changing her house to get licensed, but family caretakers have to do none of it and have no rules. Apparently same thing with adoption. A co-worker, who has 3 happy healthy kids - he and his wife are just awesome people, super nice house, etc....want to adopt. They were given a list of 300 things they had to change at their house in order to adopt! There's got to be a middle ground in all this somewhere to make sure people are well cared for.

  4. What is wrong with people? Greed, no conscience, self-centered...and probably can spout the Bible right and left.

    Get a job if the rent needs to be paid? !!! Lazy a$$holes! I hear scabies is a horrible disease even in small doses! Anything that burrows into my skin and itches would be horrible.

    About the 300 things that need to be changed for the adoption? That is shocking. But, they can send a kid b back to a hovel and uncaring, abusive parents.

  5. Only third degree murder? Seems kind of easy on them. Terrible people.


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