Saturday, June 15, 2013

I'm a Grandma!

No really....I am!

Meet my first grandchild.

Ok, so my first grandchild is a Granddog!

My daughter adopted this cute girl a few weeks ago.
Her name is Cinnamon.
And like us she is something of a mutt.

Do you like her moon eye?  She reminds me of the first dog my Hubs and I had, Pirate.
He was a moon eyed Shepherd/Husky mix.

Cinnamon is part husky, the poor thing.  I don't know how she'll handle the summers in Louisiana....

I skyped with Cinnamon the other night.
Now how sad is that.....skyping with a dog......

And like any good dog mommy, my daughter had her spayed this week.
Shall I break into my Bob Barker "Spay and Neuter your pets" PSA now? ;-)



  1. Aww - she is adorable! Congrats new grandma!

  2. Congrats! I've been a doggie grandma for a while now. Word of advice: dogs are much, much better than kids any day of the week.

    Now, go sit! :) And stay! (and they do......doggie that is)

  3. I have never heard or seen a moon eye. Of course, I try not to make eye contact with dogs. They will think I am friendly and lick me, or they will think I am aggressive and rip my throat out!


    The South is miserable for all of us.

  4. Hey David Bowie has eyes like that. She is GORGEOUS! And I'm not just saying that. I could eat her up.

  5. She is aorable! One of my friends has a husky/malamute mix and a rescued husky. Plus another husky she fosters. We are in Alabama, so she compensates for the heat by letting them walk her in the very early mornings or evenings this time of year.

  6. What a cutie. I've never seen moon-eyed dogs in person, but she's a really cute mix!


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