Friday, June 14, 2013

Where My Health Stands Today

Besides the "best" efforts of my previous PCP(aka Primary Care Physican)to do me in, here is where my health stands today.

My Right Heart Catheterization Procedure showed normal pressure levels in my heart, which is excellent news.
The cardiologist took me off of the oxygen 24/7.  He still wants me for now to be on oxygen support while sleeping, but instead of 3 litres, I am on 1 litre, the lowest you can go.
I got my BiPAP(bi-level Positive Air Pressure)Machine 2 weeks ago this coming Monday and have been using it nightly during sleep.  I meant to show y'all my new toy but it's upstairs and I kept forgetting to take the camera up at night to snap a photo.  It's black, sleek and yes sexy, since it helps me get the rest I need, so I can get better. ;-)

I've been taken off some meds, gone on others, but overall the amount has decreased.

The weight has plateaued....sigh....partly due to changed meds and they took me off of the one that was helping me lose weight.  I haven't been able to get the exercise program going yet, which I need to do to get the metabolism kicked up a notch.  It's hard to exercise beyond a slow pace when your lungs don't allow you to get enough oxygen saturation.
I had a lung function test a couple of weeks ago and it shows decreased functioning and I have some permanent lung issues.  I'm breathing better but not up to snuff.

The cardiologist wants me to consider bariatric surgery.  He feels that is the only way I am going to get enough weight off in the time frame I need to have it gone.  He says I am lucky that the heart cath shows normal heart function because if it had come back abnormal, along with my breathing problems, that no surgeon would have considered doing general anesthesia surgery on me.

The PCP is of both minds on this bariatric surgery subject....mostly due to it's extreme nature.  I have so many other problems that surgery and the changes this surgery will entail will be difficult to balance with all the other meds and conditions.
Of course, if I have the surgery and get the weight off, some of these conditions will go away or lessen to a great extent.
I went down this bariatric surgery road once before in 2006 or so.  I got to the psychological evaluation process after 6 months of appts. with this surgeon's nutritionist/caseworker(which insurance did NOT pay a penny for)when this doctor decided to stop performing bariatric procedures totally.  He decided that it was NOT a permanent solution for weight reduction, as all his patients were regaining the weight 5 years out or so.  So instead of committing to do surgery on the patients still in the process, he just walked away without even a "Sorry folks".....
So basically I was left paying OOP a goodly sum and was at the end of the line.  I would have had to start from the beginning again with a new doctor which we could have done financially but psychologically and emotionally I was not prepared to do.

Hubs and I are mulling over whether to go down this road again.  I know techniques have improved so I am not as reticent due to the possibility of a botched procedure that could affect my life for whatever is left of it.  Maybe the lap band procedure(which is not as extreme and fully reversible)may be my compromise.  I just don't know what to do at this point.

I am currently having all those routine female tests done and they want me to schedule the big "You are over 50 now, let's dig around in your colon" Test. 
The Nurse Practitioner ordered the test because she did a sample and it came back positive for blood.  I think it was due to my hemorrhoids but better to be safe than sorry.
Yes, Sluggy has hemorrhoids.
TMI for sure..... ;-)

My blood pressure is good.
My blood sugars are good.
My cholesterol is a little high.
My sleep apnea is MUCH improved.

So I am still here and kicking and look to be here for the foreseeable future.
I am going with the program and taking the tests and pills as ordered, sticking to my low sodium diet and trying though it seems lately in vain, to get some weight off.
And this is all in my spare time.....LOLOL
Not really, it pretty much has taken over and has become my life.

So I should be around to bother the crap out of everyone for a long time still.
Aren't you glad? 8-)




  1. Once you get to be our age, there is no sure fire way to lose weight anyway. IMO, you should do what is safest. As for the alien rectal probe, the prep is really the worst part of it and that is one thing your insurance should pay for in full, so it's probably worth doing. But it's still a PITA.

  2. Woot. We sure are glad. Great to hear that your numbers are improving. Hope you can go with whatever weight loss solution you pick.

  3. The way I understand it with the bariatric surgery is that you can eat only 1/4 cup of food at a time for the rest of your life. If a person can commit to that, then why not do it now instead of having surgery? Surgery is dangerous, especially for someone with health problems already.

    Two friends had the surgery and eat like they always did. They learned they could stretch their stomachs slowly. So, now they weigh more than before because they did not change habits.

    Anyone who can type all the tedious figures you do can surely be a little better at measuring food and eating sparely. I will if you will. I need to lose a whole lot of weight!

    Exercise will not help as much as you think in the weight loss. However, the benefits of exercise are ones we all need--better heart and lung health and more. You know--cardiovascular benefits. I do think that when I could exercise, I was less hungry and also more occupied so food was not eaten as often or as much.

    Once upon a time, I just sort of turned my back on food and ate to stay alive. Now, with the hypoglycemia happening 12 times a day, I am not so sure. I had to just block the desire for salt and many other things from my mind. I don't know how I did it, but I did say many times a day, "Do you want that ________ or do you want to be skinny?" Most of the time a candy bar was in that blank and I said, "No, I want to be skinny." It was all about vanity then, mostly about health now.

    I have a weight loss blog listed on my main blog. But, I rarely go there!

    That colonoscopy the doctor ordered for me scares me!

  4. Yes I am glad you will be around for a much longer time! I would have the surgery, with your personality I don't think you would regain the weight.

  5. Glad you are on the road to better, Sluggy. Good luck as you continue to work to get even better.


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