Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Ramblings

So what has Sluggy been up to today you ask?

Well......I finally got all that food I can no longer eat on FreeCycle earlier this week on Monday.
I had 7 people respond by Wednesday. 
Of those 7,  I emailed back the 3 who weren't demanding or belligerent to offer the food to them.
Yes, even when you are giving away things for free people get nasty with you.  Don't ask me why they feel that someone would give them something if they coped an attitude with the giver.

Only 1of the 3 has responded as of late last night.
If the other two don't respond before she comes tomorrow morning to pick the items up, she will get it all.  Trust me, it's 6 boxes and 3 plastic bags of food, enough for 3 different families.  But she will hit the jackpot and take it all as things look now. ;-)

I got up later than usual and did a load of white clothes.  I had to take a pain pill last night, as my legs were bothering me(they do that sometimes)plus I couldn't sleep due to some "things" going on here, which I'll get into tomorrow in my next blog post.

Then I took #2 Son with me and I spent the early afternoon looking for dead people.....

Found most of them.
Go me!
In the last couple weeks I've added 152 new memorials to this cemetery on F.A.G. plus another couple dozen photos onto memorials already posted by other members.  I've had a few members contact me to thank me for posting photos of their relative headstones even though they hadn't requested a volunteer take a photo for the memorial.  I also fulfilled about 10 of the 30+ photo requests for this cemetery.
I've got another 100 or so photos from today's batch to edit and post, among them some photo requests.  I also transferred the ownership of 8 memorials I created into the care of a family member who wished to have them.  I love when a relative asks for their peeps and gladly surrender them.  Family should be with family....
It amazes me what bad manners some of these people asking for ownership have though.  Not a please or a thank you.  I have started a list of these ill-mannered folks and should they ask for anyone else I maintain, they'll get a cold shoulder from me until they learn some decent etiquette. 8-(

After I stopped at Wendy's and bought #2 Son lunch as thanks for helping me at the cemetery, I came home so I could meet a lady who bought some packs of diapers off of me.   These have been sitting around in my garage and were part of the stuff I got for FREE at Rite-Aid over the last couple of years.
The lady took this clutter out of my life and handed me this.
Say hello to my little friend, Mr. Hamilton!

What a handsome fella.....though a tad 2 dimensional as far as personality

Then I started dinner.....

The pan of asparagus is ready for the oven(once I put a little lemon pepper Mrs. Dash's on it).
The Portabella caps are awaiting some pan sautéing, leftover homemade spaghetti sauce and mozzarella/provolone cheese and then popping it into the oven for 20 mins.

But eating dinner will have to wait a bit, as we have a guy coming within the hour from Sears home improvements to check our house out for the feasibility of installing one of these.....

A mini-split a/c unit or a/c and heating unit.
Too bad hubs and I don't look like the couple in the picture, huh?
Nah, I'd look dreadful with blonde hair......but I wouldn't mind if Hubs looked like that guy..... ;-)

We are going with Sears(probably)because if we buy the unit(s) through our daughter who sells appliances at Sears, she gets a nice little commission.
Sorry Sears guy....

After dinner I get to finish the laundry and download and start editing the 100+ photos I took today.
Then play a little Bubble Land and read blogs before turning in for the night.

So how's your day been?
Anything exciting on tonight's agenda??




  1. So nice of you to bless one (or 3) families with the food you can no longer use. Times are still rough out there for many, regardless of what the media may be telling us.

    RE: the wall unit heater/AC unit. My dentist installed them in his dental offices-loves them, says that they are very efficient.

  2. What is a mini split ac? Hey, your husband is nice looking! I would make a horrid looking blonde, too.

    That is really nice of you to help people who did not ask. I am with you about the rude and demanding people.

    Tonight, I clip coupons from about 40 newspaper inserts. I get what I want and pass the rest of the inserts to a friend who is in charge of a food bank here in town. Then, I am going to use a borrowed, teeny cordless drill to make drain holes in 13 pots gotten free from dumpster diving. It is all about free here tonight--free hotdogs, free buns, free mustard. I got the Miracle Whip almost free and the cole slaw mix was on sale. Yay me!

  3. Your mushroom and asparagus look like jelly fish!

  4. When I saw the dinner photo, I thought they were some exotic asparagus sandwiches. They were just missing the smily face! I've been alright. Trying to soldier on with life, which is (hopefully) being as hostile and stressful as it will be all year.

  5. Yum, I would like to eat at your house! You are on a roll. Oh darn, I should have said that about your sloppy joes!


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