Friday, June 7, 2013

It's Here, It's Here! & Other Stuff

It may not be the phone book but I'm just as thrilled as Navin R. Johnson!



The new freezer!!!
It is a bit shorter than the old freezer but inside it's about the same square footage of space.
So purty and so clean! lol



And just to make my week complete I got this in the mail.....

One of the many perks of being an old person in this country.
I've got a tag and now I can park any damned place I want to! lol

Oh the joys of getting old and crippled.....getting old is NOT for sissies......



  1. Your new freezer is bootiful!

    1. Thanks Frances.
      I am definitely in love....

  2. My word! I don't know what to oogle first, Phillip Packer's pajamas with the regal red flowing silk, the gleaming white freezer or the holy grail of parking permits!!

    I always love your posts Sluggy! I hope that your health is on the upswing too.

    I have no large appliances to brag about, but I am looking at new shingles for 1/2 the roof. The thrills never stop!

    1. Oooo baby!
      At least they aren't the type located on your ass, if you get my drift. 8-)

      I should post about my health....things are looking up and then things are looking not-so-up.

      Phil looks quite the dandy in his powdered wig and silk fippery, don't he? I'm just glad I didn't live back then and have to dress like that in all those layers of artifice. I'm a nudist at heart....sorry, about that image in your head now.....!!

  3. When I saw your post title, the first phrase that popped into my mind was "The new phone book!" Once I got here, I was not surprised to learn I was right.

    We have an old freezer like that but are not using it in the new house. It's sitting in the warehouse where Tom works hoping to find a new home. Your new model is so pretty!

    1. I always figured "The Jerk" was right up your alley

      I would freecycle the old freezer but I don't know how much time it has left and I wouldn't want to give it away and then it die shortly thereafter, so I am taking advantage of the power company's $35 rebate check deal. Makes the pain of spending all that money on a freezer sting a bit less. ;-)

  4. Poor new freezer. It isn't short. It's vertically challenged. And you can even see the LIGHT! Looks awesome!

  5. I had a freezer on a refrigerator look all frozen like that. The Appliance Guy said it would have cost $30 to fix. Of course, that was 10 years after I replaced it and sold the old one. There may be a handy guy out there.

    Ack! I just got to see your phone book clip of The Jerk. I love to go about shouting these movie phrases just after I see the movie or a clip. "I'm somebody now!" "My name is in print!" You can post the shooting of the poor oil cans that he wonders about. lol

    This all makes me want to watch the movie again and again and again.

  6. Nice freezer! Congrats on the permit. I used on in AZ when I had my knees replaced. Don't need it any more. It is nice to be able to pull into a close parking space especially in the winter time.


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