Thursday, June 6, 2013

This Week On the Dining Table

I'm late as usual with the meal plan stuff......ugh....

Here's what was planned last week--

 Sunday--Cookout...burgers, dogs, homemade potato salad and baked beans and new pickles(all low sodium except for the nitrite-free bacon in the beans)
Monday--Bob Evans cooked us dinner(used a coupon for a BOGO deal)...I had potato crusted flounder.
Tuesday--Chicken & Dumplings-using leftover roasted chicken-not sure how much of this I can let myself have yet
Wednesday--Catfish fry, leftover baked beans, carrots and potato salad
Thursday--leftover Garlic Chicken w/Broccoli and coconut rice
Friday--Ravioli in Sauce w/leftover meatballs, green salad
Saturday--Whatever is still leftover
The Ravioli didn't happen on Friday or any other day.
Friday I served leftovers as well as on Saturday.

I spent $78.86 at the grocery store last week when I only wanted to spend $40-$50, putting me .35¢ over $500 in food spending for May. 
Those "ICE" drinks put me over, all 38 of them.  But I am set for the summer now with those.  No more beverage spending until Fall, except for the adult beverages.... ;-)

Leftovers at the moment consist of 1 piece of catfish(will use for a fish sandwich).  I had the 1 serving of chicken and dumpling this morning for breakfast.  Chicken & Dumplings aka Southern Penicillin...... 8-)

Here's this week's meal plan--
Sunday--Hot Dogs, leftover beans, corn and 'new pickles'
Monday--Fend for Yourself night as Hubs was late from an out-of-town meeting
Tuesday--Chicken Fajitas
Wednesday--Chicken Parm, Sumer Squash Casserole
Friday--Fajitas Redux
Saturday--WTHK--->Who The Heck Knows!

I've already spent $43 and change at the grocery store.  We went to the restaurant supply store on Sunday as they had a $5 off $50 coupon.  We got lots of produce, some eggs, crabmeat and Doritos for #2 Son plus bought a plastic tray for bringing food out to the patio set to dine al fresco this Summer.  Will make the transporting much easier I think!
It came to $46 after coupon but they overcharged me on the crabmeat so I got a $3 credit on the c/c, making it $43 and change.
I need to pick up more turkey meat and milk still this week.  All the proteins this week are from the freezer(have to empty it some before they bring the new one TODAY!!!--can you tell I am excited?lol), and I'm not stocking up on anything, making this a cheaper shopping week.

So that's where the food money stands now and what's appearing on the kitchen table this week here at Chez Sluggy.
What's getting fixed and served at your house this week?



  1. Your Saturday's WTHK sounds like most of my Saturdays. Except that I end up not eating at all. Would be a good time to make a pizza, eh?

    I am actually kind of enjoying my availability of a kitchen. I've made lettuce taco salads and yesterday tried a spicy orange chicken recipe. Little did I know that when they call for 8fl.oz of OJ, they mean 8oz of the frozen stuff. Being the smart person I am, I made a 8oz glass (6oz water, 2oz concentrate). I just realized that this morning too. It was delicious nonetheless!

  2. I've got some freezer cleaning to do and that will probably figure into the next week. I will be impressed if you can make it under $400 with the number of mouths you have to feed. Two of us and a dog and I've not had an easy time with the same goal!

  3. Leftovers until Saturday when I will finally have time to get some groceries purchased!

  4. Sunday and Monday and Tuesday, I was eating leftover turkey, then Tuesday made roast/potato/carrot/onion, so now finished that and will roast another turkey on Friday. There is also lots of greens and tomatoes and raw squash in salad, plus fresh pineapple, bananas, apples and grapes. I forgot to get cherries. Lots of ice is in order this week with tea over it--unsweetened tea. I have about 15 lbs. of sweet potatoes left from the 80 lbs. I bought last fall. Those have to be baked. It is too hot and humid, but they won't last much longer. I will freeze lots of those and try my hand at dehydrating them, also.

    I would be excited if I were getting a new freezer!


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