Sunday, May 2, 2010

April Rite-Aid SCR Period Spending and TOTALS & Rite-Aid Chit-Chat

I just went through all my receipts from Rite-Aid.
I did not shop a lot in April so I only made 6 trips between 3/28 & 4/24th,  and spent $.00 in cash for the April Single Check Rebate Period of March 28th to April 24th.
Actually I "spent" $6.89.

But all of what I spent was put on assorted Gift Cards, so my Out of Pocket was ZERO.

These Gift Cards were obtained as earned rewards from assorted prior purchases at Rite-Aid.  It was all free money to begin with that I used to get more products for free.
And some of what I bought with these gift cards qualified me for SCRs, or more Single Check Rebates, so I got paid money for buying some of the items...which didn't cost me anything out of pocket to begin with.
You follow me? ;-)

So I spent $.00 during the April SCR Period.
I received $158.21 in products.
And I will receive a check amounting to $8.00 in rebates.
With these purchases, I  am also $17.56 toward a $50 'purchase' which will net me a $25 Rite-Aid Gift Card(SCR#552). (I have almost 2 months left to complete another $32.44 in purchases for this SCR.)

$.00 outgo.
$8.00 income.
$158.21 of toiletries/food.

Rite-Aid paid me $8 to bring home $158.21 of stuff in April.
If you want to see the list of what I got paid to bring home you can find it on this post HERE.
For me, $8 is nothing compared to most of my other month's checks but it's still something. ;-)

April was a big month for Rite-Aid, as they rolled out the Wellness Program nationwide.  Even though I already have a Wellness card/account and I didn't request to sign up again when the program went "live" across the country, I received a new set of Wellness cards(big one and the little keyring ones too)the week before the roll out.  This new card said I already had a 20% discount available to me(which I had earned already with my old Wellness card).  But the new card has a different 'number' than my old card.  I really didn't feel like activating this new card(who knows?....something could have gone wrong in the changeover and they may have 'lost' my 20% discount or whatever).  So on my first trip to Rite-Aid last week after the roll out I asked the clerk if I could still use my old card.  He had NO CLUE! we tried it anyway and it worked just fine.  Now I'm not sure how long it will work so I'll hold onto the new card to activate if I ever need to...but I'm hoping they don't deactivate my old card.

For May I'll be hitting Rite-Aid a little more than in April, and I've already made 2 trips this Rebate Period.
Not sure how lucrative the shopping trips will be since the Wellness coupons they are releasing are pretty lame....sorry Rite-Aid, but $1.00 off a $10.00 cosmetic or vitamin or allergy, etc. purchase is NOT a good coupon!  (For use a $1/$10 allergy Q I would have to buy THREE 24 ct. Benadryls-with Wellness Discount they cost me $4.39 ea., so 3 come to $13.17.  $1 measly dollar off is NOT a very good deal.
Bring back the old Wellness coupons!!

Just from this year's rebates I have $51.60 in accumulated Gift Card credits left. 

Plus BIL is STILL Waiting on his P&G $35 Prepaid Visa that he requested on 2/15!....the last email Customer Service sent him said to give it 4-6 MORE WEEKS from the date of that email!  It could very well arrive mid-JUNE and that would make it 4 MONTHS since it was requested, to receive the thing.   All the while there are all these things he could be getting for cheap or free with that $35 he is due.
Can you tell the BIL is NOT happy with Rite-Aid at this moment?!?

Anyway, it looks to be a good Rite-Aid month in May for me.
I just wish the Wellness Qs were better. ;-)

So how did you do at Rite-Aid last Rebate Period?  Did you get some good buys?  Tell us!



  1. I agree that the wellness coupons suck!

  2. You are amazing!
    And that sucks about the gift card. But way to be organized. I would forget.
    Have a great week. I know I will, I'm just so grateful for the weekend to be over! I've have enough family time for a while!

  3. SonyaAnn.....2 whole days is almost 2 days too much family time for me!lol And here I thought I was the ONLY PERSON who cheered for Monday to roll around.... ;-)


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