Tuesday, May 25, 2010

eBay Question for Those Who Buy Stuff There

I have a quick question for all you eBay shoppers out there.
Have you ever used the MAKE AN OFFER feature on an item to try to purchase it?
And if you have, do you have any guidelines for how much you offer for items?

I am just trying to figure out if I am Waaaay off base as a Seller with my thinking on these MAKE AN OFFER situations.....or if I just attract all the weirdos?!? ;-)

Leave us a comment if you will.....much appreciated!



  1. I just don't buy much on eBay. I honestly don't remember if I have tried "Make An Offer" or not, but it's possible ... to me that's just another form of "Buy It Now", meaning I don't have to wait on an auction to end(and I think I've made it clear by now that I hate auctions...LOL!).

    I think it really depends on what you're selling. Since I buy mostly clothing or books on the rare occasions I do buy; I think I would ask if I could buy the item at full price, but with free shipping. But that probably wouldn't be much of a discount for a high-dollar collectible, and it would probably be too much to ask on a heavy item with expensive shipping.

    I don't think I've ever used Make An Offer as a seller, either.

  2. Ive used it a couple of times, my first time I never got a response. I think (think) it was $15 and i asked for $14, they did say make an offer ya know. Which to me says make an offer, but I guess to them it meant pay full price.

    The other time I did it I asked for .50¢ off a $3 item I was buying 2 of, they accepted but never sent my items.

    So no I have not had good look with "Make an offer" But I still believe if they say make an offer make an offer just not to far off base ya know.

  3. I've bought after submitting an offer a few times. Usually I start by offering what I'd REALLY like to pay, and if that's denied but I want the item and am willing to pay more, I'll try again, adding about half the difference back in. So say they have something listed for $17. I might start by offering $10. If it gets kicked back, then I'd try $14 or $15.

    I've never tried this with a big-ticket item, though, only things under $20, so I don't know if this helps you at all.

  4. I didn't even know there was such a thing. I love ebay. And my experiences there have been 99% positive. Just one or two jackasses in 10 years. I have done the Buy it now thing several times. But no, sorry, I have no clue about the Make an offer.

  5. All--Thanks for the comments and feedback. I just recently started putting Make an Offer option on some of my Buy It Now listings. I figured potential buyers would undercut and offer 20% or so less than the BIN price. But the way it's working out is that I'm getting Make an Offers for MORE THAN 50% LESS than the BIN price! Heck, 1 offer was 65% LESS than the BIN on the item!lol I research and price items at what I find the market currently can bear so these offers are WAAAAY off base. If I was a buyer, I'd be embarrassed to offer so little, but I guess lots of folks have no shame since the internet is so anonymous. sigh

  6. I buy on ebay once in a while but I never use the make an offer feature. It just seems like too much work to go back and forth. I just look for the cheapest on and go with that one. It just seems easier. I can "git'er done" and then move on to the next thing instead of going back and forth.

  7. I have shopped on ebay for years and never used the "make an offer." Hubby sells and doesn't use that either. He still gets messages from people offering to buy the item right now for $XX. Usually WAY below his starting price. (which are generally too low in my opinion.)

    BUT, if I were going to use "make an offer", I would probably research some complete sales of similar items and offer the lower end of the going rate.

    That is the one time I won't be too cheap, as I know what it costs in time and $$ to sell on ebay. I think some people just offer whatever, thinking that some of the time sellers will take that offer.

    Try not to get too frustrated. As Hubby says, "People who buy on ebay are stupid." Ummm...yes, we shop on ebay, too. LOL!


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