Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to All You Moms Out There!

Here's hoping all you moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day.
This Cartoon hit home for me.  Both of my sons opted NOT to give me a card, a hug, a kiss or acknowledge the day.
Typical man behavior, no?
I would have even settled for what the mom in the cartoon got.....8-(

DH-who knows better than to do this-had a bouquet of flowers(lavender ones, of course!lol) & a card(funny on the outside, appropriately mushy on the inside) waiting for me when I came downstairs Sunday morning.  He also made dinner....from scratch! ;-)

Daughter surprised me this year.  She got her butt up early Sunday morning and went out in search of just the right Mother's Day card and bought me a plant too.....all with her OWN MONEY!  If you knew Daughter, you would KNOW what a sacrifice this was for  I also got a "Happy Mother's Day" and a big hug from her.
I just keep wondering if she wasn't in the doghouse for having a car accident in the high school parking lot on Thursday if she would have been as attentive to me Sunday. 8-P

Here's picture of the cards I received.  The larger one on the left in the photo with the purple flowers is the one Daughter gave me.....
If you can't make out the words, it says, "You've been like a mom to me...."
The insides joke here is that when she and her older brother were 3 & 4 years old, my DH took them to the drug store to pick out cards to give me for Mother's Day.  Not being able to read, Daughter picked out her card because of the pretty flowers on the front.  That card said, "You've been like a mom to me...." also.  So now she makes an effort to find a Mom Day card with that same sentiment....evidently because I am just like a MOM.



  1. What a cute card!!! I love that You've been like a mom to me. Hmm.. wonder why!
    My son basically signed a card that my husband bought for him to give me, then went back to bed.
    My daughter DID sit with me at a grad party last night when I know she would've rather sat with some friends. She said it was because of Mother's Day... So I guess I got that! I still had to clean up the kitchen after their breakfast in bed gift.

  2. That card idea is hilarious! Plus she must have to spend 10 times as long looking for that particular card. You are a good mom!

  3. LOL! Great card :) What wonderful beings kids are... ;)

  4. Your daughter is super funny! I love jokes that last for years!
    I think I would kick the boys. Why do they do crap like that?
    Most of the day my kids were on the couch while I did yard work. I finally went over the edge and yelled at them. If it were their birthdays and they worked and I was on the couch, they would feel so abused. SO I got a few hours of work out of them. But it sucks(& I told them this) that I have to ask for help on Mother's day. We always end up with a ton of yard work on Mother's day. I think it should be in the dead of winter so we have nothing to do but spend quality time on the couch! It's not fair!!!!
    I was thinking about having a Sonya day. If I don't get a Mother's day, I should make a day for me!

  5. I got nada from my daughter. Not even a phone call or anything. Then a phone call I didn't want from her the next day. But I got a nice card and a houseplant from Shane and Kat. :)

  6. The card from your daughter is cute!

    I am catching up with all my bloggy friends today. I got a "belated Happy Mother's Day" from ONE of my kids on my Facebook page. Hubby wished me a happy day, but not gift. Then again, I WAS out of town.

    I got to see MY mom for Mother's Day. That was the best gift.


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