Monday, May 24, 2010

Double Dip Time! Redner's Markets

 If you have access to a Redner's Supermarkets, you might want to head over this week as there is a possible double dip with Kraft Products.

If you were lucky enough to send away for one of those Kraft Taste of Summer Sample and Coupon packs a couple of weeks ago, you'll see that there is a rebate form in the box.
The rebate requires a Purchase $30 of any Kraft Foods Products between 5-23-10 and 6-13-10 and you received a $10 Rebate by mail.  Check out Kraft's website for qualifying products. 

There is a Catalina Deal this week at Redner's for a whole slew of Kraft products.
Purchase $25 of qualifying products and receive a $5 OYNO Catalina.  The Cat deal runs from 5-20-10 to 6-3-10 and has to be $25 or more total of Kraft products AFTER using any manufacturer's coupons.

What I plan to do is purchase $30 or more in products and use ManuQs & some of the FREE ITEM Qs I have here for Kraft products in a combination that leaves me with a min. $25 bill at Redner's.  I'll pay my $25 bill, get a $5 OYNO Cat for $5 of free food and then take my receipt and submit it to Kraft for the $10 Cash Rebate(since I 'bought' $30 in products).

A lot of the Kraft stuff that qualifies is what I consider "junk" food but shredded Cheese is included in the Cat deal on sale for $2 a bag.  The reg. retail around here on this item is $3.29 a bag. We are always needing cheese in this house and I think I have some $1/2 blinkies laying around here to make the deal better.

So for $25 OOP,  I'll have $54.35 of products(counting the $5 in more free food from the Cat deal) and a $10 cash check.  In the end my OOP is $15 for $54.35 worth of Cheese at reg. retail of $3.29, so better than 72.40% saved.  Actually, I would NEVER pay reg. retail of $3.29 for Kraft shredded cheese so my percentage saved on sale price of $35 of food is 57.15%.

Here's the scenario....
15 x Kraft shredded Cheese on sale @$2=$30
5 x $1/2 Kraft Cheese Blinkie Qs=$5
Total OOP....$25--qualifies for $5 OYNO Cat.
Submit for & Get $10 rebate.

 Not free but not too shabby for a deal in these parts.....


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  1. Excellent! Our Giant is having a Kraft shredded cheese "sale" 3/$5. I'm tempted -- since we use a ton of shredded cheese and it freezes perfectly -- to take advantage of this sale and the rebate to really stock up on cheese for awhile :)


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