Thursday, May 6, 2010

And This is Why.....

Today is 'eBay' day here and I am trying to get some of the boxes of stuff sorted through from storage....if the dogs will leave me be for more than 10 minutes.

My "Separation Anxiety Bagel" has progressed from having to be able to SEE me and get to me at will every second he is awake to having to actually be in contact with my body every second he is awake. 
Do you know how limiting it is to have a 40lb. dog attached to you at all times? 
Presently he is slobbering on my foot & snoring.  I don't dare get up without causing major consternation so I have stacked 6 boxes beside me and here I sit, sorting.....

I pulled out some doozies here a few minutes ago.
This photo should explain why, in addition to yard sales and Salvation Army, I am no longer allowed to go to Big Lots without a chaperone to tell me things like.....
"Put that down NOW or we are leaving the store!" or....
"Yah, it's what?" or....
"Do you REALLY think it's a good idea to buy that?!?"

Yes folks, I have my very own inflatable Krusty the Clown and Itchy & Scratchy dolls!
As Homer would say....."Who-HOOO!"

You think this is bad.....I also had bought an APU the Quickie Mart Clerk Doll but gave that to my son a few years ago.

So you are NOT the only one with an inflatable toy fetish SonyaAnn.

That is all....carry on.



  1. I would have bought those too. My saving grace, is that BL doesn't accept AMEX. If it did, we'd be in big trouble!

  2. OMG!!!! Hubby and all my kids would LOVE those!!!

    I would have bought them, too!

  3. SonyaAnn has an inflatable toy fetish?! Not that I needed anything more to pick on her with.. but THANKS!

  4. This whole post made me LAUGH!! What is wrong with inflatable friends???
    "in addition to yard sales and Salvation Army, I am no longer allowed to go to Big Lots without a chaperon to tell me things like..."-I think you need to be a stand up comedian!

  5. Really - this whole series of ebay-related posts has been so wonderfully entertaining ;) We do have some Simpsons stuff (and I have happily been slapping my new Simpsons postage stamps on everything - LOL!), but I didn't even know there *were* inflatable Simpsons friends... Huh!

  6. McVal--notice that SonyaAnn just said she likes inflatable friends too....something more to torture her with later, right?lol

    I guess inflatable friends is better than imaginary friends, huh.


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