Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday....And Here Comes Another Week!

Oh, goody, it's Monday!
I got up early again today and it's just going downhill from
I won't bore you with my aches and pains but let me say it's hell getting old. ;-)
At least I have #1 son here to move the leftover boxes of stuff from the Flea Market yesterday to storage for the time being.
More on the Flea Market later when I get time to sit and ponder on the experience.....for now I'll just say that sunburn in not fun! ;-)

Now that my car is empty I need to wake #1 son up so we can get to the Bread Outlet(didn't I JUST GO THERE?!?!)since these kids seem to be addicted to bread lately and then we get to go to Lowe's for some gardening supplies to I can FINALLY get my garden going....yeah!
Later in the week, when the rain finally stops, #1 son can help me get it planted.
But first it's a trip to stand in line at the PO because though Paypal let me print the label with postage for this package I need to mail I need to go fill out a customs form since it's going to an APO/FPO, so 'technically' it's an overseas package though it's domestic/military rates.  Oh goody.....

The house is a mess, the laundry is creeping into the hallway, I have no meal plan for the week, children making demands on me and my time and being absolutely NO HELP,  having to sort out the flea market leftovers, tons of stuff ready for eBay that I have to take photos of and actually LIST THEM if I want them to sell, a garage to clean and organize and I have to prepare for a week long visit from relatives.  Throw in DH is going to be out of town part of this week & I might be taking a quick trip to VA for a few days and I am quickly going into sensory overload!
At least I have tons of cleaning products and toilet paper to clean up the mess here when my head explodes....and it just might do that....explode I mean.....

So tune in later.  I'll be posting another set of goodies for the BORING BOX GIVEAWAY since I'm getting tired of Marilyn's entries on the current post for it.LOLOL
And hopefully if my head stays intact, I'll have a post on the flea market later tonight.

Happy Happy Monday!!
Yeah right.....



  1. Okay Sluggy,
    Stop and take some big deep breaths. One thing at a time. that's all we can do, and still do it well.

    You know how you are the Queen of Couponing? Well, I am the Queen of Listmaking. So, listen to me when I tell you that a couple of good lists can make all the difference.

    First, make a list of everything you need to do this week.
    Second, prioritize that list.
    Thirdly, (this is the hard one) DELEGATE! Give at least one item on the list to each of your family members to be done to your satisfaction by your deadline.
    Fourth, set a time for 15 minutes before starting each task. A timer is a really good motivator to keep you busy and focused on that task for that allotted time. If you need to or want to, you can re-set the timer and go again.

    That's it for today's Queen of Listmaking instructions.

    I will check back to see how you are doing!

  2. If you could sell enough stuff on eBay you could hire someone to help you sell stuff on eBay.

    *ducking and running now*

  3. Sluggy, I hope your Monday ended better than it started. Here's hoping Tuesday is a million percent better.

  4. LisaPie--Thanks for the listmaking tip! I use to be the Queen of lists to....somehow I stopped doing that but I might need to start again. The delegating part tho...I'd LOVE to do that but no one here

    I'll be tackling stuff in small chunks tho...I can eat this elephant doing it that way. ;-)
    And come check back on me anytime!

  5. AnnieJ--You had better duck and

  6. Frances--Thanks! I slept late since it's raining so Tuesday has got me more laid back today. All I need is the cleaning Fairy to show up now...


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