Thursday, May 13, 2010

Even If You Think You Know Everything about Doing Taxes.....

So.....when our Federal Income Tax showed up in our checking account via direct deposit a couple of weeks ago, it made me happy......

Really!....wouldn't that make anyone happy?lol

But the amount that was deposited didn't sound quite what I remembered it should have been.  So I went and got out our copy of the forms we filed and the numbers didn't match up with what we actually got back.
We got back more than we thought we would!

So a few days later I received a letter in the mail from the IRS.
*Cue up the ominous music.....

After I picked my still beating heart up off of the floor, I proceeded to open the letter with trepidation, just waiting for a team of men in black suits to burst through the front door and haul we away in leg irons.
Luckily, that didn't happen.

The letter was an explanation of why we got back a refund that didn't jive with what we figured our refund was going to be.
It seems we qualified for that "Making Work Pay" Credit...line 63 on the long form if you are a tax geek.

Seeing as the government considers our income in the "rich people" range(see me slap my knee and keel over with laughter!),  I didn't even download the worksheet/form or instructions to see if we could claim this credit.  I just assumed we made too much money to apply for it.
Well, I was wrong.
Imagine that?

And my wonderful government had some diligent IRS employee recalculate our return figures and they sent us $800 more than we had expected back.

Now isn't that nice of them?
I thought so.

Moral of this story......
Even if you think you know everything about doing something, you probably don't.
It's always good to take a look at how you do things with a fresh eye.



  1. Wow--that sure would be a nice surprise but I would have been scared to open that letter!!

  2. Nice bonus from Uncle Sam!!! And, yeah, doesn't it just automatically make your heart skip a beat to see any letter from the IRS in the mailbox? Such power...

  3. At least you didn't have the IRS show up at your door like I did a couple of weeks ago! They were looking for Terry, or maybe Terri. Either way, it was no one I know. Whew!

  4. Hey, it's Annie Jones! Welcome back girl!!

    I probably would have crapped my pants if they had showed up at my door...OMG!LOLOL


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