Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Woof means "Thanks Mom for the Cheap Dog Food!"

I went and got 40 of these Mighty Dog $3 off 5 cans Qs a couple of weeks ago to add to the few I already had.  I spent last week taking 4 at a pop up to the local independent grocery store as this dog food was on sale for 60¢ a can, so I got all this for free......

That's 90 cans there.
And none of the cashiers put the sale under taxable so no tax paid either....sweet! ;-)

So I still had enough Qs left this week, since I didn't make enough trips last week to use them all, to do some scenarios at Weis Markets.  These Mighty Dog canned foods are part of a Catalina Deal at Weis this week....Spend reg. shelf price of $35 on select pet foods, get $10 OYNO Catalina/Spend $25, get $5 Catalina.

So I went up to Weis on Monday and bought this.....

60 x Mighty Dog Cans reg. .60=$36.00/on sale .55=$33.00
Used 12 $3/5 Mighty Dog Qs(adjusted down to $2.75/5)=$33.00
Total....Zero+$1.98 tax=$1.98

And I received a $10 OYNO Catalina

So I hiked up again today and bought this.....

54 x Mighty Dog Cans reg. .60=$32.40/on sale .55=$29.70
2 x Friskies Cat Treats reg. $1.49=$2.98/on sale $1.25=$2.50
Total.....reg. retail $35.38/sale price $32.20

Coupons Used
10 x $3/5 Might Dog Qs(adjusted down to $2.75/5)=$27.50
2 x BOGO Mighty Dog Qs=$1.10
1 x $1.50/1 Friskies Cat Treats=$1.50
Coupon Total....$30.10**
Suppose to be $30.10 but the cashier put the BOGOs through at $1.25 each....huh?  So instead of $1.10 off on the Mighty Dog BOGOS I got $2.50 off.....oooookkkkkay!
ACTUAL Coupon Total....$31.50

$32.20-$31.50=$.70 + $1.93 tax=$2.63 OOP
And another $10 OYNO Catalina.

I had planned on getting some FREE ITEM coupon Kitten Chow bags but they were out.  If I had been able to get those and use the Qs for them, my total before tax would have been a ridiculous 15¢ instead of 70¢. lol

Now I am out of Mighty Dog Qs but I have 2x $10 Cats and here is what I am planning on getting tomorrow.
**IF the other Weis store still has any Purina Kitten Chow on the shelf(which is free with the coupon from Sunday's insert)I'll do this....

2 x 17lb. Dog Chow reg. $11.99=$23.98/sale $9.99=$19.98
2 x Kitten Chow bags reg. $1.89=$3.78/sale $1.50=$3.00
2 x Beggin' Strips reg. $3.29=$6.58/sale $2.50=$5.00
1 x Friskies Cat Treats reg. $1.49/sale $1.25
SubTotal.....reg. $35.87/sale $29.23

Coupons Used
2 x $1.50/1 Dog Chow=$3.00
2 x Free Kitten Chow=$3.00
2 x $1/1 Beggin Strips=$2.00
1 x $1/1 Friskies Treats=$1.00
Coupon Total....$9.00


2 x $10 OYNO Cats=$20.00
$20.23-$20.00=$.23 + $1.35tax=$1.58 OOP
And I get another $10 OYNO Catalina. ;-)

Te recap that will be.....

3 Friskies Cat Treats
2 Beggin Strips
2 bags of Kitten Chow
2 l7lb. bags Dog Chow
204 cans Mighty Dog

For a grand total of .93¢ + $5.26 in TAX!=$6.19 OOP
And a $10 Cat left to spend.

Are you working the Pet Food Catalina deal this week?  What is your plan?



  1. Excellent deals!! I didn't get those kitten chow coupons. Bummer, since, my cats are not kittens, but they like the chow.

  2. Great job! I did the same deal at Weis today with the Mighty Dog. I wish I had enough Q's to do it again, but last weekend I got 17 cases for just tax from my local grocery store. The $10 OYNO is sweet...really wish I could have done the deal more than once, but, my doggies are happy and well stocked in food, and the local Humane Society was thrilled to get the 7 cases I donated, plus put more in the donation bin at Weis today! I love the Free can Q too. I'm so sad I'm almost out of local Shur-Save doubles it to .99 giving .39 overage on every can I've gotten. My grocery bill has been really LOW the past month!

  3. WOW! I am super impressed! Good for you; can you hear me clapping?

  4. LOL! You are simply amazing!!! I still look wistfully at dog food/treat deals, but now that we don't have a dog and my friend has received the massive stockpile of dog food that I had on hand when our dog was re-homed, I just get vicarious thrills from your blog :)


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