Monday, April 5, 2010

Last Week's Rite-Aid Haul...3/28/10-4/3/10

Here is what I bought at Rite-Aid during the week of 3/28-4/3.  
This was 5 separate transactions.
2 Venus Razors
2 Olay Body Wash
2 Skintimate Shaving Gel
4 Johnson's Body Wash
1 Caress Body Wash
2 Clean & Clear Face Cleaner
4 Benadryl
1 Intuition Shaver
1 Bic Disposable Razors
**Not Pictured**
2 Dozen Eggs
2 Barilla Penne Pasta
3 Bags of Easter Candy
1 box Melitta Coffee Filters
1 Nail Polish

Total OOP....$6.89  Which was all put on a Heart Healthy Feb. SCR Rite-Aid Gift Card so ZERO spent!
Total Value of Items....$158.21

April SCR qualified for....$8
#41 Buy 1 Bic Razor2($2),#44 Buy Skintimate and Intuition Razor($1),#53 Buy $20 worth of J&J Products($5)
Also, the Benadryl purchase qualifies toward a $25 R-A Gift Card WYB $50 of select Allergy Products--SCR #552.  $17.56 down, $32.44 to go.

After the SCRebates, I have $8 in Overage so far for the month.

Other than finishing off to get the $25 Gift Card(SCR#552) I won't be haunting Rite-Aid as much in April.  There aren't as many opportunities for cheap or free or moneymaking there this month.  I do have a Gift of Savings $20 Certificate that expires at the end of April so I will be using that in the coming weeks.
I am going to miss receiving that big honking Rite-Aid SCR check next month as a
Oh well.....



  1. Hey, I've been trying to get an answer about the allergy SCR (552) and haven't succeeded yet (including from Rite Aid) - maybe you can help me :) The picture next to the 552 description clearly shows various bottles of vitamins, but there aren't any vitamins of any brand listed on the actual list of what's included. So does the picture count or the list? Have you happened to get any vitamins and had them included when you checked on your rebate status?

    It annoys me that they'd put up a picture of something then not allow it...

    Thanks in advance!!!

  2. Ok, is that the Feb/March SCR 552 or the new April/May 552? The Vitamins are listed & pictured for the Feb/March 552. The April/May 552 is allergy type products & Eucerin creams.
    Where do you see vitamins pictured but not listed? I don't see them....
    If you find an inconsistency I'd call em out on it.

    I did find last month--the J&J #24SCR(Buy $50/Get $25 back)--nowhere are Luden's Cough Drops listed or pictured but I had bought some early in the month for cheap and they showed up as a qualifying product for that SCR. Go figure!
    Being as they were on sale half the month for cheap and I had Qs for them, you KNOW I bought quite a few to get to that $50

  3. Good job but I think that you know that already!

  4. Hi there!

    Okay, I just went and looked - it's the current #552 for Allergy with dates between 3/28 and 6/26/10.

    "Allergy 2010
    Rebate #552 VALID ONLY ON PURCHASES FROM 03/28/10 to 06/26/10**
    Free Rite Aid Gift Card After Rebate

    Here's a link to the page listing the SCRs, if you scroll down to 552 and enlarge the picture on the left, it shows 6 different vitamin bottles right along the bottom front of the picture, some are Nature's Bounty, some Nature Made.

    Anyway, I tried again to email their Contact Us and just put the subject as "other problem" then described it in great detail. No word back, and that was a couple days ago. I think they're just going to ignore the discrepancy. I'm guessing that if I go by the pic, then enter the receipt, they'll be going by the list and I'll be SOL. So unless I do hear back from them, I won't presume that vitamins are included this time. Too bad - I can always use more :)

  5. Pretty--Ok, I went and looked at the piccie....since I go by the printed SCR catalog and not the online list I hadn't seen the digital online photo. They are reusing the OLD #552 Heart Healthy Rebate Picture for the NEW #552 Rebate!lol
    Yep, it's the same photo for #552 in the March and February SCR directories sitting on my desk!!
    There is also diabetes meters in the photo and Bayer Heart Advantage pills pictured...neither of them are part of the current allergy rebate.

    No, I'd ignore those vitamin photos cuz there is no way in hell they will qualify.


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