Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Purex Product Review & Where to Buy it Cheaper this Week

WARNING!**High scarcasm content ahead**
I'm just in one of those moods today...
I have a feeling this will be the very last time anyone wants ME to review their product. ;-)

If you've been awake when perusing my blog, you may have noticed the above logo on the right side bar.

About a month ago, I got a surprise package in the mail from Purex. Seems I was 'selected' to test a new laundry product they have just released. The accompanying cover letter said that I was 1 of ONLY 200 people selected to receive this advance sample of their new laundry product. Having been 'Around the Block', as the euphomism goes, a few hundred times, you can call me skeptical about believing anything a company's marketing dept. tells me. ;-)
1 of 200 out of a Gazillion people?


Anyway, I have a secret 'code' to access a 'secret part of the Purex website', and was encouraged, after trying the product, to go there & upload a video of me using the product(LOLOL)& leave my thoughts on the product there. I am guessing by 'my thoughts', they meant, to leave them glowing praise that they can then use, without compensating me for my product endorsement, to sell other folks their newfangled detergent. I was also highly encouraged to blog about this product on my website/blog and use their graphics.

Well Purex, if you are watching(and somehow I know you are!), consider this my blog about your new Laundry Product.

This new product(now called PUREX 3-IN-1) is basically a sheet, like a fabric softener sheet you put in your dryer with your load of laundry. But this sheet gets put into your Washer because it's impregnated with Laundry Detergent! Yes, somebody in marketing at Purex got paid an obscene amount of money to come up with this little idea.
More power to that little marketing drone, I say!

You put the sheet in the washer with your dirty clothes & then when you transfer your clothes to your dryer(unless you don't feel like killing the planet some more and hang your clothes outside to dry), you also transfer that little sheet into the dryer too.

Because there is a separate little strip on it that contains fabric softener & an anti-cling agent. So it breaks down the fibers of your material in your clothing and wears it out faster while depositing harmful chemicals on your clothes(er, I mean, it softens your clothing)& it keeps static from building up in your load of clothes when the dryer overdries them.

It's a complete laundry system that anyone with a full fledged lobotomy could use. Put the sheet thingy in with the clothes and don't remove it until you are done and fold the clothes.....or wad the clothes, depending on whether you put away the laundry or your teenage son

Ok-here's my Review.

Easy? Yes, very.

How did it perform? It got everything clean & then wore the fibers down nicely in the dryer, er....softened the feel of the clothes. No static to be found as well.

1. The sheet is loosely spun fiber of some kind, so it has lots of holes in it, where they shoot the laundry detergent into it. There is no coating or anything covering the sheet, so the sheet is sticky to the touch. They must put something in the detergent to harden it so it doesn't drip out of the sheet. It's like when you spill laundry detergent down the side of the bottle and after a few days, it hardens but if you touch it, it is sticky and viscose and gets on your hands and you feel like you need to wash them. It is not a pleasant feel. When you touch this sheet thingy to put it into the washer, you will experience that same feeling.

2. You will notice, when your clothes come out of the dryer especially, that there is an almost overpowering Laundry Detergent SCENT. The smell is VERY strong! If you like the smell of laundry detergent, this is the product for you!lol I don't know if they make an unscented version, but they REALLY NEED TO. I don't want my clothes smelling like some laboratory chemist's idea of what clean should smell like. Clean doesn't have a smell. Things should smell like what they are.

3. I am NOT the world's biggest Crunchy Earth Protecting Mama but I do have my own standards of what I feel is acceptable practices of Human Comfort vs. Destroying the Planet.
I don't like to make trash when it can be avoided. Ok, so most (liquid, at least)laundry detergent comes in plastic bottles. Plastic is bad for the planet, yadda, yadda..... You can recycle plastic bottles.
The containers these sheets come in is also plastic and I'm assuming recyclable. ALSO have this plastic fiber sheet to throw away when you're done with your load of clothes. And I haven't a clue on how I am suppose to dispose of this thing now, that won't cause polar bears to drown or rainforest birds to keel over dead.
A new product that is worse for the Environment is not an improvement.....even if you require less brain cells to use it.

With all that said, starting Sunday at Wags, they are running a special on this new PUREX LAUNDRY DETERGENT 3-IN-1 SHEETS PRODUCT. It will be on sale for $5.99 a box. There will be a $2 Register Reward with purchase.
You can go HERE & print a $1/1 Coupon for this product and get it for $4.99, making it $2.99 after the $2 RR Out of Pocket.

And if you aren't satisfied with this product go Here to print a form to submit for a refund on your purchase price.

Don't let my experience stop you from going to Walgreen's to buy it and giving it a try.
I'd love to hear what you think of this product after you've used it.
I would!
Right after I go and fill the tank on my Hummer.....



  1. ROFL! I love your posts (and the more sarcastic, the better IMO)!! This sounds like an interesting product for lazy folks like me, but at that price (and since we have no Walgreens here), I'll probably pass unless it goes on deep discount special somewhere else.

    Thank you for being infinitely more fun to read than the local Sat morning newspaper :)

  2. Thanks for the review
    I gonna confess something I have plenty of laundry soap and softener on my stockpile but just for mt naturale curiosity I gonna buy it tomorrow I have my 1Q and also the mail in rebate form in case I don't like it.Thanks

  3. Haha! I love your review! Thanks for being so "real" and thanks for caring so much about our environment, the polar bears and the rainforest birds!

    I am in the same boat as chulazza, I already have enough laundry detergent for the next 5 years, but this product looks so interesting and is such a great idea that I had to buy one to try!

    And Purex if you're reading these comments- $8.99 is WAY too expensive to pay for laundry detergent. So, if you want people to buy be sure to give out lots of high value coupons! :)


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