Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Review Extravaganza......July to September

I'm taking part in this 2011 Review Extravaganza from over at Mimi's Place, Living in France.
Here is the link to The Rules.
If you want to take part go read the rules and then link up each Friday in December.
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Onward to my 3rd installment of the  Review of 2011...the July to September months.


July was a very busy month here!

We started out the month at the halfway point of 2011.  I did a check-up on my progress toward my GOALS for the Year.

The Garden started off Doing Great!

I continued earning some Coin on the Side.

I tried to become an Amazon Affiliate.  This didn't work out very well as once it took effect, I could only post titles and no content on the blog.  I then posted about 20 titles in one day trying to get it to work.  HERE is one of those posts......HERE is another one.  Funest day ever!

I finally held another Stockpile Sale.  Here is the work I did to get THERE.


 I did a little DIY in the Kitchen in August.  Homemade Breakfast Sausage anyone?

 Who could not love CUCUMBER P*RN?

Can you believe we held another Stockpile Sale?

We saw some more Decluttering P*rn this month.

We waved goodbye to Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Holly when we dropped off our Daughter to college for the first time.

And I ended the month talking about my Artistic Past.


I dug out the trash and got #2 son's room cleaned.   Most unusual garbage found?..... 52 Plastic Spoons.

Just into the month and our area was hit by the worst Flood since Hurricane Agnes-The Flood of 2011.

I reminisced about being Mortgage-free in one breath and  having our house insurance cancelled in the next because I lost The Bill. bleh

I talked about the End of an Era-my Rite-Aid Pillaging.

As part of my effort to get rid of the rest of the eBay stock I had hanging around, I decided to hold a Garage Sale-styleToy Sale locally.  I spent a large amount of time prepping for it like HERE.

We ended the month with a Lightning Strike!

What is in store for us after this?
Check back next Friday for Part 4 in the Series, where we dissect October to December.



  1. Got done reading your Rite Aid post- my couponing took a major dive when we moved to CA- not only is food more expensive but the coupon policies are not as good as AZ.
    That flood was crazy! Glad you guys stayed dried. Thank you again for linking up. I have your point recorded.

  2. I just read about your lightning surge--that's crazy! And I love that you do a follow up on your goals. More than 50% success is impressive! My goals are usually long forgotten by mid-year, though, of course, I will do better this year!

  3. I am STILL so jealous you have a Rite Aid and I don't... I've got to get serious and figure out this couponing cr*p.

  4. LOL! I love the spoon collection! hahaha. So glad no one was seriously hurt by that lightening strike. That must have been freaky.

  5. OMG! Your cucumber p0rn just cracked me up!!!

    I don't coupon. I want to. But I don't get the paper or want to clip the coupons OR look for them online. Something is wrong with me.

    Anyway, thanks for linking up with us! Have a great weekend with family and friends!

  6. I think that it has been a pretty good year for you. Oh and I love the background, you are so productive.


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