Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Flood of 2011

What do you get when you put 8 inches of rain from Hurricane Irene with 8 inches of rain from Hurricane Lee?

At least in this area, here is what you get.....

Though we are saely high and dry up on the mountain, the clean up has begun for those not so fortunate in the valley.
Pictures of devastation are still coming in on the local news from areas they are just getting access to since the flood.

Only 2 flood related deaths so far from this Flood but the property damage will far outweigh what the Agnes Flood in 1972 caused.  At least we lost fewer lives if you can see that as a bright spot.

Lee  2011 is the new benchmark for disaster in this region.

Hold your family tighter tonight.  Don't sweat the "stuff".



  1. Yeah, it looks like we were hit about the same. But we keep on going, don't we?

  2. Mark--yah, just a couple of energizer bunnies we are!lol
    I feel so horrible tho. Every now and again I get this thought that I am pissed that I can't shop at my Redner's, my restaurant supply store, my KMart, etc. because they are flooded....yah, real selfish of me getting pissy because I am being 'inconvenienced'. Then I snap out of it and tell myself I am a terrible human being for making this all about ME. I just want to smack myself.....

  3. Thank you for posting that. You really can't understand the devastation off of a short clip from the web.
    Take care and I hope that clean up goes quickly.

  4. My sisters job is still partly under water, two of her friends completely lost there houses and all of there possions. Last night there was a major gas main break in berwick and no where to evacuate to because of the rain so my my sister, nephew, the dog and the cat spent the night in the car.

    Sobers me up real quick when I complained to her today about something today. Her work is telling her they go back tonight even though the warehouse is filled with mud and sewage and if they complain or file a compaint they are fired. Sigh.

    my problems seem tiny now. But I do have more alcohol!


  5. Are you getting hit w/mosquitos BIGTIME now after the 2 storms? Wow, I have never seen them this badly.

  6. So what are you up to today? Flood or money related?

  7. SonyaAnn--Thanks, things will get back to normal pretty soon except my restaurant supply store and Redner's are gone for now.bleh....yes, it's all about ME!lol

    Judy--Forcing them back to work under those circumstances is just wrong! Tell sis to wear a mask at least.
    And I think it's time for a run to the liquor store.lol

    SonyaAnn--Just posted a new piece. Go give it some feedback!!


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