Friday, September 30, 2011

Never Talk Trash About Old People

This is my new motto.
You may have noticed I haven't been around the last 3 days...since about 5 pm on Tuesday.....right after I posted about how much rude senior citizens tick me off, remember?

Well about an hour later a tremendous thunderstorm came through here.
A nearby lightning strike took out some electronics as well as part of the electical system in our house.

The lightning surge was so strong, even though everything was on a surge protector, it blew the side cover off the router, fried the modem and turned my computer into an inert heavy metal & plastic box that doesn't absolutely nothing.

It also turned some electrical outlets into non-funtioning decorative features on the walls and fried the garage door opener.
For kicks, it also turned on my iron up on the ironing board in my bedroom.....and not in a good sexy way.
We are stil finding weird consequences from this freak occurance as we add to the list of losses for the insurance company.
We also need to have an electrician come in and check the whole house's electrical system out.
Fun, fun.

The end results is I now have a new computer as of today, like it or not.
With the deductible, I'll be OOP for this machine, but everything else that got fried we'll be able to get replaced with insurance $.
My dead computer wasn't even a year old.
But at least they were able pull my important files off the fried machine.

So don't trash talk about old people because those senior citizens have connections and will use them to have Mother Nature bring you down. ;-)



  1. Well... ya gotta figure that by now God is probably an AARP member, right? ;)

    I love seniors -- I plan on becoming one really soon... when I grow up.

    Really, though, I'm very sorry to hear about your fried electronics - I'm glad no one was hurt, but the expense (and/or dealing with insurance companies), ugh!!!

  2. Yes, old people are closer to God in more ways than one.
    Congrats on the new P.C.!

  3. Wow! You've learned your lesson the HARD way!
    I'm so sorry about your losses.

  4. Well thats one way of getting new electronics. But if I have learned anything working in Gods waiting room it is don't piss off old people. They will take you down.

    Glad your safe

  5. Those aren't hot flashes women have, they are power surges.Obviously, goddess did not like the remarks you made.

  6. Mwa,Ha,Ha! (from a 47 yr old blogger,LOL)
    I swear we don't do a thunder dance or anything.
    Or do we?..............
    (pop by sometime, most of us are pretty laid back)

  7. Sluggy, I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. Don't talk about old people anymore!

  8. Pretty--Yah, we've both gotten the dreaded letter from them already, haven't we?lol
    I hope God isn't a member of AARP.
    Yes folks, I am anti-AARP.

    Mark--That just what they want us to think!lol
    I hate new computers. Besides the expense they are just like having a new lover....they don't work the same way and you have to learn all the new buttons that need pushing. ;-)

  9. McVal--Thanks for the sympathy.

    Judy--I did a stint as a nurses aid in a nursing home so I KNOW what an old person can do!lol Some day I'll tell ya about how a tiny old Asian lady almost took me down in a Disney was NOT a pretty sight. ;-)

    PracticalP--Oh, hot flashes....hate em!!

    RetroReva--Thanks for coming to see me today!
    But your comments are making me a little scared....even if you are younger than

    I will def. go check you out...not in a creepy way tho. ;-)

    Frances--Thanks Frances. Who knew old people were so dangerous?


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