Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Shopping a la Alex P. Keaton

If you even KNOW who Alex P. Keaton is, you are of a certain like me. ;-)

I am referring to Michael J. Fox's character from the old sitcom Family Ties.
They did an episode one Christmas that was a retelling of the classic Dickens "A Christmas Carol", with Alex as Scrooge.  Alex is all about the money and he doesn't believe in spending it on gifts, even at Christmas.
After he has his epiphany on Christmas morn, he goes and buys his family Christmas presents but the only place open on Christmas morning is a 7-11 convenience store.  He ends up buying cups of coffee for his loved ones.

In the spirit of Alex P. Keaton a la Scrooge, I also buy Christmas gifts at the non-traditional outlets.  The closest 7-11 is over an hour's drive so I just hop down the road to, where else?....Rite-Aid! ;-)

I bought 2 Axe Shower Gels(for someone's stocking).  They are on sale $4.49 this week and give a $1 +Up Reward.
I also bought 4 bags of Ricola cough drops(some of these are for someone else's stocking).  They are on sale 2/$3.00 this week and give a $1 WYB 2 Bags +Up Reward.

I had a FREE Item Q for the Axe from Facebook, as well as a $2/1 ManuQ from this past Sunday's Q inserts.
I also had 2 BOGO Free Qs for Ricola drops from a previous Sunday's Q inserts.  The specifics are buy a Dual Action Ricola and get ANY Ricola free.  The Dual Action were on sale along with the other varities of Ricola drops.

I also used $4 in +Up Rewards and ended up with .03¢ OOP on this transaction.
I received $4 in +Up Rewards back, so all this ended up costing me .03¢ on my free Rite-Aid gift card.

My subtotal after Qs should have been $5.49, so after using the $4 in +Up Reward, this should have cost me $1.49 instead of .03¢.
But the cashier put the Free Ricolas through for $2.23 instead of $1.50.  Looking at the receipt now this  is what the reg. price for the non-dual action ones is for me with my 20% wellness discount.  So I got $1.46 bonus off on the 2 bags that were free.

$23.54 worth of stuff for .03¢ off my gift card.
And 4 more stocking stuffers checked off the list.



  1. Um Alex P Keaton you say..hmmm...I dont think I remember him or his neighbor skippy.

    I would say you did pretty well. And I am sooo sorry for the gravy reference in my post

  2. Used to absolutey love Family Ties!! Wish that there were still shows on like that... *sigh*

    On another note, you're an expert shopper! Great job! :)

  3. Oh my dad and I used to sit and laugh over that show ummmm around 30 years ago YIKES!!

  4. You have a fantastic memory Sluggy! I don't remember the Scrooge episode but I watched plenty of Family Ties...funny stuff.

  5. I know some people that would love cups of coffee for Christmas!


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