Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Review Extravaganza......October to December

I'm taking part in this 2011 Review Extravaganza from over at Mimi's Place, Living in France.
Here is the link to The Rules.
If you want to take part go read the rules and then link up each Friday in December.
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Onward to my 4th installment of the  Review of 2011...the October to December months.


Hubs and I took a trip to an Elk Farm.

I spent a good part of October in my garage getting ready to hold a big Toy Sale/Garage Sale. I dug through all my junk in Storage in preparation for this sell off, showing photos and talking about it HERE.
Since the Flea Market got swallowed up back in September when the Susquehanna River flooded the area, hauling all my toy merchandise there to sell was no longer an option, so the sale was going to happen in the garage instead.
Unfortunately, due to many factors, including pulling my back muscles out and being loopy on painkillers for the better part of 2 weeks,  the sale just didn't happen at ALL


I talked about me and Hub's trip to Ocean City MD and the unconventional souvenirs I buy when on vacation HERE.
It was 65 degrees and sunny the day we left.  A couple days later I woke up to this at home.......

I'm still scratching my head and mumbling WTF?!? over that......


The word for November was Insanity!
I reopened my eBay Store early on in November.  Oh, those crazy eBay buyers...need I say more?lol

So my month was fairly insane between dealing with eBay stuff and the kids' stuff and various band schedules AND Thanksgiving.   I was MIA online a lot or I was complaining.

The strange weather continued and the Forsythia started blooming in November.....NOVEMBER people!!ack

What do polygamists, spam and windmills have in common?   They are some random things I think about.  I gave readers a taste of what it's like inside my head HERE.  And HERE is another Brain Dump post that was very popular.

The grocery store ran a Catalina Deal that gave almost free Gravy right before Thanksgiving.  This caused me to try to get 81 cans of gravy for the local food bank Thanksgiving Dinner baskets.  The grocery store started moving the display around the store to thwart MY PLAN.  But in the end, we were victorious!

In between all this, I even found the time for more DECLUTTERING P*RN and I finally went back to Rite-Aid after a 2 month long break.

And Wall Street was NOT the only place being Occupied in November....


Gee, it seems like only yesterday that we were living the December life. lol

My dining room could have been mistaken for a UPS STORE.  It's been cleaned since this photo.

I found some strange keyword searches that brought readers to my blog HERE.

I talked about some funny &/or annoying  eBAY BUYERS.

I couldn't help myself even at Christmas to go off on another RANT.

We got the Christmas tree up by mid month but it stayed basically nekkid until all the kids were home from college.

Read about how my family can't take me anywhere without embarrassing them HERE.

And we ended the year with our CHRISTMAS PHOTOS and a look around our CHRISTMAS TREE.

I hope y'all had fun reliving some highlights(and lowlights)of my 2011 experience. 
Come on back next week to see what's in store for us in 2012!



  1. What a year!!!! And just for the record its not that I love Mark more than you, I love you both equally. Its just that I am grooming him to be my third husband if it ever comes to that. :)

  2. What a year indeed! I enjoyed reading everyone one of your posts :)

  3. The weather was so crazy everywhere this year!!! And seriously, all of that planning and no sale?!

  4. Love your brain dumps! Too funny. And glad you got one Christmas picture with your kids smiling.

    Thanks so much for recapping with us, I have your point recorded.


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