Wednesday, December 28, 2011

HoHoHo....Holiday Decluttering P*rn!

What makes your Holiday Season even merrier than some Decluttering P*rn!

We got another load together before Christmas.  Hubs & I are taking it in today.

2 Chess Books
7 Ty stuffed animals
1 gold plated Race Car
2 Gargoyles Backpacks
1 pack of Power Rangers cupcake papers

1 kid's stapler(used)
3 Hot Wheels commemorative cars
2 Power Rangers Galaxy Gliders
1 Bionicle Game in tin
1 box of Power Rangers trading cards
1 Women's plus size knit blouse
1 Book by Charles Grodin
1 box of Star Trek Generations trading cards
6 boxes of Star Trek Movies trading cards
5 chess books
2 faux leather cosmetic bags
4 playing card sets in collectible tins
2 Crinkle Clause figurines
1 Menorah with candles

1 bow(toy), used
12 pillows of various size, used

Also....not pictured
1 silver cream and sugar set with tray
1 purse, used
2 spoon rests, used

I might have 1 more load of decluttering in me before the New Year.
Stay tuned!



  1. Yay for getting rid of crap. I need to do another load soon too.

  2. That is so awesome! If I could off of my butt and get dressed I might do some decluttering too...or maybe not...I might just wait and let the feeling pass...

  3. Not to give you clutter removal envy... but my hubby is bringing me pallets to stack my boxes on! And he's gonna wrap the pile in plastic! Then when it's time to move, he's gonna take stuff in a truck with a pallet jack!!! Am I lucky girl or what???

    I'll have my pallets segregated for stuff to move and unpack immediately, stuff to get to later, and stuff to donate.

  4. Good for you! My MIL has been decluttering and passing it off onto my kids as something she bought for them earlier in the year and just came across. So it's out of her rooms and into ours... There should be a rule...

  5. I love love love declutter porn. Now I am excited and thinking of more decluttering tomorrow!!!!

    Love porn..not that kind..welll you know

  6. Good for you! I am so tempted to hit the thrift stores at the first of the year. Except I don't really need to buy anyone else's clutter.


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