Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Time in Photos

Just a few pictures of our Christmas eve and day....

My son, who just became interested in learning to cook, making cookies for his girlfriend.  This is his first encounter with an electric mixer.  We avoided flour/cocoa powder flying to the ceiling when he tried to run the mixer with no wet ingredients in the bowl.  We also learned the hard way how to stop the mixer before taking it out of the bowl.  Important mixer rules you know.....

He was making something he'd never made before to give as a gift.   When I found this out, I impressed upon him the wisdom of NOT making something for the 1st time if it had to be perfect/right/edible.

Here is our intimate Christmas eve dinner at the local Chinese restaurant.  We had the place to ourselves this year until we were nearly finished eating and a couple came in.
At least my polka dot handbag made it into the photo.  Why does no one else ever volunteer to take the photos?
And no, the family wouldn't let me drink sake or sing "Deck the Halls" there.

 Which brings us to Christmas morning.

 #2 son opening, and with his most wanted Christmas item(besides cash).  You would think THIS would illicit a smile??

 Even a $50 gift card taped to a jar of Nutella(he is an addict)couldn't get him to smile!

 #1 son cramming a block of Jalapeno Jack Cheese into his pie hole, whilst holding Beef Sticks.  The way to this guy's heart IS through his stomach.....

Daughter showing off her new laptop cooling mat from her Aunt and Uncle.  Geez, I dare any of them to smile!
 Inside Joke....#2 son was in love with Kimberly the Pink Power Ranger when he was a tiny tot.  I wrapped one of his presents in this old Power Rangers paper we had and made the tag out To XXX, From Kimberly.
I thought it was hysterical, #2 son was NOT amused, and #1 son noticed that I'd put the tag between Kimberly's spread legs. 
I plan on having a family for sale on eBay next week!

 #1 son feigning joy and surprise at his new hoodie Santa brought him(because he went to the store with me and picked it out 3 days earlier before I wrapped it and stuck it under the tree).

 I almost got a smile out of #2 son for this Beatles shirt.....almost....so close but yet......

 And this gift of CASH from her Aunt finally got Daughter to throw out her face muscles and give a smile....success!
Cash is king in her world, at Christmas and every day.

Waiting not-so-patiently for the Santa-of-the-Day(played by #2 son this year)to give out more presents.
We open presents one at a time so everyone can see and enjoy them.....or just to torment my kids if you ask them.lol
That door mat/rug in the photo is about 50 yrs. old.  It was at our front door every Christmas that I can recall growing up.  I put it in front of the tree now to keep it from getting dirty.

#1 son getting a silly gift of Mario underwear.  It's silly yet functional and useful....just like him. ;-)

Ok, I lied.
I DID get a photo with them smiling.  They are even sitting in close proximity without complaining that someone is too close or is touching them.
Will miracles ever cease?!?
Of course, this photo had to be taken BEFORE I let them open anything or go through their stockings.
Once I didn't have Christmas presents to hold over their heads, the chances of getting a photo with smiling faces was nearly nil.

I hope your Christmas was everything you wanted!



  1. First, I love all the Holiday cheer look of your blog. You should keep red up all the time.
    Second, even it's forced, I'm glad that you got them to smile. #1 Son looks like a natural smiler. As does the girl. But you got work on the #2 son. Maybe he doesn't smile because you call him #2. How would you like to be called a #2?
    I'm so glad that you had a successful Christmas.

  2. I love the smiling pic of the your kids in front of the tree. I have one just like of my kids. Did you feed them tranquilizers before bed? What's with all the non smiles? Knowing kids, they do it just to bug you?

  3. Mark may have a point about the #2 thing...lol Although my blog names for my kids aren't much better Mark. Teenager, The Boy, and Littlest. I will admit I stole the name Littlest from a blog I read.

  4. LOL! They WOULD notice that the tag was between Kimberlys legs! Too funny!
    Start the bidding at a quarter please.

  5. Don't you just love teenagers! I mean really I paid a lot for the straight teeth in those kids mouths. Actually my twin sister paid for their braces. I figured that since she did not have any children she could enjoy the bills.

  6. At least they let you take their pictures - my 21 yr. old dodged out of the way every time I picked up the camera!! Unless her makeup is on perfectly and she is dressed to the nines don't even TRY to take her picture. sometimes I get sneaky though and pretend I'm taking a picture of something else tee hee!

  7. hmmm I wouldnt go with the buy no option since no one really wants teenagers. But at least you got them to smile!

  8. You have adorable kiddies! I'm glad that you had a great Christmas.
    Miss me?

  9. Those are good pictures of your family with a funny commentary!

    One time just a few years ago, I went to Christmas where one person at a time opened gifts. There were 5 adults, 3 teens, and a 3-yr-old. I just wanted to scream, running from the house, pulling all my hair out. Granted, yours are older and faster and not as many, but I was traumatized. It took three hours to open gifts! We always had a civilized, mass opening, free-for-all.

  10. At least you took pics. We totally forgot to take any pictures. And we had 3 cameras!

  11. Hey one picture with all three kids smiling is a miracle and a Chrstmas present of its own. Makes me grateful my kids are still young, they are so easy to buy for.


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