Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Are You Sure This Isn't the UPS Store?.....

I am struggling to find anything worthwhile to say this week.
My life is revolving around eBay lately so that's what you're going to hear about ad nauseum.....

Between that and my dining room looking like the shipping dept. of a huge corporation I've pretty much not left the house or done anything except list/pack/ship stuff on "you know e-where" for days.
 The downstairs of my house looks like a UPS Store most days.....boxes, cardboard, Goo Gone, scissors, yardsticks, pens, bubble wrap, newspapers, packing tape rolls, paper garbage laying EVERYWHERE.

Then Sunday and Monday I sold NOTHING for 48 hours.
During the weeks before Christmas?  THAT'S weird....and it had me on edge people....seriously on edge!

Sunday I get....people take time off from consumerism some days and anybody who shops on the weekend is most likely doing so at the mall or some brick & mortar store.
But Monday.....specifically the 3rd Monday before Christmas!.....most everyone is back at work so it's prime time to shop online while the boss has his/her back turned, right?

Crickets chirped.
The clock in the kitchen ticked off the seconds annoyingly loudly.

I went to a dr. appointment and rushed home to find....nothing sold.

I wrote my weekly meal plan/food spending post.  Surely after that much time there will be an email that something sold?.....didn't happen.

The mail lady came to the door and asked me why I had NO PACKAGES to pick up....was I sick?...in the hospital?.....abducted by aliens?  Sorry.....just not selling anything.

I read blogs for HOURS.....still nothing.

I moved crap around the living room and put things in the garage that weren't worth listing "you know where" to sell and got them ready for the ride to the Salvation Army.  I paused at my computer screen each trip through the den to see if I had a "Your eBay item sold!" email......nope!

I bought a social coupon deal on EverSave for $70 worth of wine for $35 HERE.  I had $10 in Save $s so it cost me only $25.  I then proceeded to spend it and bought gifts for 2 people on my list.  With the shipping and the couple of dollars I spent over $70 I paid another $22, so $70 of wine for $47.  I'd call this a very good deal!
While I was doing this online, I waited to hear that magical tune/note that mail had landed in my inbox....a potential sale?....nope, just spam and deal blogger ads...blah!

Then after Hubs came home and I bitched to him about how I think the Holiday selling rush was over so, so prematurely, the emails started popping up that I had made a sale or two.....and Hubs rolled his eyes at me for being a Drama Queen who needs a life.

Thank you eBay buyers for driving me stark raving mad AND making a liar out of me. ;-)

I was forced a little over a week ago to go buy packing tape.
You can't sell on eBay without large amounts of packing tape.....true dat!

And no, I don't hop up to the store and buy a couple of rolls, I buy industrial size amounts.....
36 Rolls.
And I am hoping it lasts me until I am done for good with eBay selling....but I know it won't. lol

And of course about a week after I ran out of tape, I was down to my last roll of bubble wrap.  2 days after Cyber Monday and I'm looking at the last roll of bubble wrap....hell no!!!

It figures.....you NEVER run out of both at the same time.....that's one of the Murphy Laws, isn't it?

Now my "roll of bubble wrap" is not what the average person pictures as a roll of bubble wrap.
This is a normal person's idea of a BIG roll of BW....

This is what I mean by a roll.....

And one of those isn't enough!

So here is what is taking up residence in my kitchen at the moment.....

Yes, 4 mega rolls of bubble wrap that are almost as tall as I am.
And yes, I had a hard time parting with the amount of money it cost, but it cost a LOT less buying it in bulk than running to the store for an anemic little roll OR 20! every couple of days.lol

And for all you bubble wrap popping addicts out there.....and I KNOW you are drooling over my Stash......keep your freaking hands OFF it!!!

This is NOT for fun and games....I have serious work to do I tell ya.....serious!

I know y'all BW addicts will enjoy this video.  Just be sure and turn DOWN your speakers if you are at work or you have a heart condition. ;-)



  1. Hubby is having the same ebay luck. In previous years he sold a TON during the week after Thanksgiving. This year nothing so far. I guess everyone is at WalMart.

  2. Well I would like to buy your buzz lightyear but I only want to pay 7.50 for him because its for my son and he is 22 so its not really a toy. There did I make you feel like I was an ebayer(is that a word) asking a quesiton? LOL

    Loving the bubble wrap


  3. So when you give up Ebay and still have leftover bubble wrap, are you just going to roll in it?

  4. Oh, I so do not miss the days of cases and cases of packing supplies. I do sometimes miss my business (selling gift baskets and gifts online from home), but I don't miss all the packing supply necessities, in bulk.

    I hope you get LOTS more sales!!!!

  5. So, thanks for informing me to never sell fragile things online. That's lots of days with no action from eBayers. All that waiting would make me nuts!

    My friend's children kept popping bubble wrap around pictures leaned against the wall, ready to move. We had to be on guard all the time. yelling "Stop it!" when we heard them. Once the wrapping was removed and given to them, they completely ignored it, suddenly losing interest in their former sneaky toy.I don't get the attraction, but it's obvious that legions do.

    I am glad business picked up.

  6. Frances--I think you are right....sucks to be me and Sweet Knees lately...well SK gets jam at least....lol

    Judy--thanks, but you have to ask in broken English and tell me you won't pay shipping and could I take a check and hold it for 2 weeks but you need this shipped asap.lol

    McVal--Hmmm, not sure. I'll either keep it for packing up my dishware when we move in 7 years or I'll sell it on eBay, of course!lolol

    Pretty--sometimes I get into a ZONE with the packing....it's sort of Zen for me at those times....Mr Myagi had his "wax on, wax off" moves, I have my "measure box, cut box, tape box" moves.

  7. Sluggy, just bite the bullet and donate everything to GoodWill and be done with it. Your de-cluttering is causing me too much stress and my drinking has increased because of it. I need this to end.

  8. Mark--If I do as you wish, how shall I spend my days? No decluttering to do, eBay selling to do.... I will have to just go back to being a boring house frau again.

  9. What is it that you sell on eBay? Does it cover the cost of your supplies plus a tidy profit? I've been thinking of doing it myself but when I see what your dining room looks like I think twice. You sure are dedicated!

  10. I would love to wrap my entire family in it and then have a tag team fight. Yes, this is what I think about.


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