Friday, December 2, 2011

Keyword Searches...HUH?!?!

I like to go look at my Stats every now and again on Blogger and see what words people search for that leads them to wind up on my blog.
Usually it's something boring like Slugmama or Don't Read This It's Boring, which is what people who are too lazy to put my blog's URL as a Bookmark into their Favorites and just Google my blog title every time they want to come visit me do.  That's fine too but why not go ahead and follow or bookmark me to save yourself some time and typing! ;-)

But I like to see what bizarre search words or phrases lead people to my blog door.
Here are a few from last week.....

cat hoarding
pet hoarding
cat hoarders
dishwasher detergent
sheeple black friday

And the BEST WEIRD search word/phrase was.....

I really don't think I'm very hhhsssssshhhhjkkkkll, do you?

So go look at your keyword searches and tell me what interesting words/phrases you find! 8-)



  1. I don't have any keyword searches. But my poor little blog has only had 372 total all time views. I have the most referrals from you though :) I had a whopping 7 followers until yesterday when J...udy joined the crazy train.

  2. hhhsssssshhhhjkkkkll- I say make it a blog title.

  3. I don't have keywords, but I found that most of my viewers come from HERE. Thanks, Sluggy, for the traffic.


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