Friday, December 9, 2011

Daughter's Birthday Week......Share a Song!

When Daughter was very little, we couldn't afford cable tv.  Well, we could have afforded it but not if we wanted to put money away for emergencies.
Instead, we had a tv antenna and we lived on the side of a mountain range facing east, so even though the nearest broadcast station was an hour away, we got all the major broadcast network signals coming out of NYC and northeastern New Jersey since they were mega powerful.
So our tv reception was a fuzzy picture for the major tv networks(CBS/ABC/NBC/PIX)and also for the NY PBS station, WNET.
PBS was a lifesaver back then before we had a VHS player.
Hours of kid-friendly shows for my toddlers, including Sesame Street.

And once we could afford the tape player we bought kid tapes, including a whole boatload of Sesame Street shows since that is what there was and what the kids liked.

#1 son loved Elmo and The Count.
Daughter was all about Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster.

Here is one of my Daughter's favorite parts from one of those Sesame Street tapes we had.


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  1. Since I could not bear to allow my children to watch Sesame Street, they are probably scarred! No, smart as whips. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Confession: they gave me the creeps with those mouths.


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