Monday, December 12, 2011

An Expensive Couple of Weeks Here

Whoever first said that children & husbands are expensive wasn't lying!

I went into December feeling good financially.
This is, after all, one of the 3 paycheck we'd be getting an extra paycheck in December.
Meaning we'd have extra cash this month to save.

Then the Money gods laughed.....

Not a week after getting his replacement retainer, #2 son lost it.

He threw it out after lunch in the school cafeteria.  He subsequently spent an entire study period that day going through 5 large trashcans in said cafeteria.
No luck finding it.....

So I made the dreaded call to the Orthodontist and began the call with the line, "You are NOT going to believe this!...."
And #2 son is having his allowance held up to the tune of $85.  He may turn 16 and have a JOB before he gets his allowance

Then he needed his flutes repaired/maintained/replated.  He has 2 instruments that both needed work.
So the music store sent them away and the estimate came back at almost one THOUSAND DOLLARS for all the work on both.
So we elected to fix the one that was in better shape for $402 and rented a flute for him to use until it was fixed.
After seeing what they get for instrument repairs/maintenance, I think we'll send #2 son to instrument school to become an artisan rather than to college to play the

Then Hubs took his commuter car into the shop Thursday to get an oil change and have his brakes looked at.
It appears that commuting down a mountain 5 times a week is very very bad for brakes, struts, shocks and tires.  We paid the ransom of $1100 for the work on it on Friday evening and drove the car home.

Let's review, shall we?

$1587 in unexpected expenses this month.
$1587 about takes care of most of that extra paycheck.
What is left will be for Christmas spending.

And I'll cross my fingers that I can make my Savings Challenge goal this month.

How's the money going(or staying)in your life?



  1. Oh boy... What a month! :/ Hope things get better financially for you!

  2. I know instrument repair is insane. When my son had to have his trombone repaired in college it was 800.00! But we paid it because..well because we are stupid.

    I would love to have pics of your son digging through the trash for his retainer. T once flushed hers down the school toilet..le sigh

  3. Can't you just let that boy's teeth stay crooked?
    Sorry about that car bill. We had a $1200.00 bill too in October. No fun.

  4. Oh geez, I really feel for you.:-)

    I hate December not only because of the Christmas expenses but because our yearly car insurance bill is due.

    I just posted about our savings for 2011. Come join the Money Saving Challenge that I posted about for 2012. I always love having you aboard.


  5. THAT SUCKS!!! Gotta love kids, I would gladly give you DJ's retainers since I can't get him to wear them for anything. Well DJ is cheap and he would probably rent them to you.
    Those bills would cripple us. I'm so sorry for you. But I know that you will make it though with a smile and a sarcastic remark.

  6. WOW--I thought my fried computer was bad enough but you got me beat!!! We need new tires on 2 cars but we're putting it off as long as we can--and I have to come up with enough money to get Jessica's books for next semester. I always wanted my kids to play an instrument but I think I'm now glad they didn't!! Take care.


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