Sunday, December 11, 2011

Well, It's Up.....

It only took 2 weeks to get to this
The lights, star and garland are on and there's a big gaping hole in the middle of the tree, but it's up!

And outside, it's even BETTER!....
During the day....notice the Thanksgiving flag is still being

And at night.....
Then we got the wreath up....
So now it's still lame but not as lame as before.

We might actually get this right by, oh.....maybe New Year's Day. 8-)

Sluggy-who is not stressed out over this at REALLY!, I'm not....


  1. You've got more done than I have. We hauled a crooked old tree home this afternoon and now it's leaning against the living room wall. Outside? nothing - just a wreath on the door and a few lights in the window. That's the best I can do!

  2. It is pretty, Sluggy. We have our tree up and decorated and Hubby lighted the balcony. But that is probably all we will put up.

  3. You know if you put some gravy cans around the whole in the tree no one will even notice. I do love your tree though!

  4. You are ahead of me. What is the gravy can comment about? Inside joke? Go to my blog post 200 Christmas trees and see what we can aspire to next

  5. I've been told that when trimming a tree, you want to be able to throw basketballs through the branches. Wait - maybe that was real trimming of apple trees...
    Anyway... whatev' It's very pretty!

  6. I don't see SonyaAnn's ornament on the tree. It may fill the gaping hole ;)


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