Friday, December 16, 2011

2011 Review Extravaganza....April through June

I'm taking part in this 2011 Review Extravaganza from over at Mimi's Place, Living in France.
Here is the link to The Rules.
If you want to take part go read the rules and then link up each Friday in December.
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Onward to my 2nd installment of the  Review of 2011...the April to June months.


I talked about saving money on groceries by thinking outside the grocery store HERE.

With 1 teen in college and a second one on the way in this past Fall, I talked about the "joys" of doing the COLLEGE FUNDING DANCE.

I ranted about my spendthrift Hubs HERE.


May was a super busy month.  Lots of school stuff....activities, concerts and a soon-to-be graduating high school Senior. 

I shared an Epic School Photo FAIL.

I really ramped up the de-cluttering and shared lot of pics of Decluttering P*rn this month.

I shared another of my FRUGAL HACKS.

My May Totals at Rite-Aid were pretty good.  No money out of pocket and lots of FREE STUFF. 

In the midst of all the craziness of May, Daughter and I were in a CAR WRECK.   Knocked around pretty good and 1 totaled car later and it was on to....


We got another one through high school and GRADUATED.  Then we shipped all three off to summer camp to work and/or attend.

The Great 2011 PURGING and Decluttering continued into June.

Evil forces were at work in our Washing Machine.  Almost $100 later and we discovered The CULPRIT.

I found a rendition of that horrible show JERSEY SHORE that actually made it fun to watch.  They took the transcripts of "THAT SHOW" and performed it as an OSCAR WILDE Production.

Check back next Friday for Part 3 in the Series, where we dissect July to September.



  1. I'd forgotten about the accident, but remembered the porn. Does that say something about how I think?

  2. McVal--Let's just say you prefer pleasure over pain?lol

    I was reading yours and I kept thinking, man!....she should take a year off of sewing in 2012....or maybe I shouldn't be so lame about sewing?lol

  3. Oh you poor thing... that photo is awful... No offense! I'd have been furious... but hey, maybe ya'll will look back and laugh at it some day, right? maybe embarrass him with his future wife some day :)

  4. We are going to attack the basement today. Heaven help me I couldn't be more excited!!! I started on the shredder pile last night. I can see the floor of the basement again! Thanks for linking up:)

  5. Oh so many links I am going to go read! You had a busy three months.
    Thanks again for linking up, I have your point recorded.

  6. I loved the epic fail school photo--it was quite memorable! My daughters both got not-so-great school photos this year!

    My plans to declutter this month aren't going so well. Hoping to get on top of things in 2012. :)

  7. Heehee...I love that school picture photo. I hate that we have to pay for pictures up front, and I always order the smallest possible packages.


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