Friday, June 24, 2011

I Fear The Force!

About a week ago our 2 year old front loading washer shit the bed.
Yep, just up and stopped working.

Started flashing a code...."F-21".
Dang, I HATE computerized appliances!

So we called up a repair guy and I had to miss a doctor's appointment on Wednesday.
Because we all know, if you can get a repair person to commit to coming to your house to see about a repair then you clear the decks and make sure you can be home when they deign to come by.
Forget dental appointments, major surgery, or visits from the Queen.....cancel them all for the repair guy because face it, being without clean clothes for a week Sucks!

So the repair guy bangs around upstairs and after an hour comes down and shows you a bucket with what he found in some secret compartment hidden in the inner guts of your washing machine.....

A bunch of coins, a piece of gravel, a washer, a lollipop stick and some nasty linty pieces.
And then he shows you what he dug out of the motor that supplies the electricity to drain the water out of your washer tub.....

That's a 1/2" tall Micro Machines Yoda figure from #2 son's old Star Wars playset.
You could theorectically swallow that and not even notice when you 'pass' it 3 days later.

The following Yoda quote popped into my head when the repair guy showed me that.....

“Size matters not, ... Look at me. Judge me by size, do you?”

Well Yoda, you are so wrong!
Size DOES matter you little green pointy-eared shithead.
Your size mattered to the tune of $100!

And since my family is incapable of remembering to EMPTY THEIR POCKETS before throwing their pants in the laundry, I am seriously considering sewing shut all their danged pockets!!!

Because, though it's not to say that I don't enjoy the company of Gene, the Appliance Repair Technician, I really don't care to repeat being without a functional washing machine for a week and throwing $100 away because of a stupid piece of plastic.

Yoda, stupid is.



  1. Bahahahahahahahaha!!

    Take that $100 out of the owners of said Yoda, lollypop stick, coins, washers, whathaveyou's allowance.

  2. Poor Sluggy. I hope you didn't have to go to the laundromat.

  3. You're just like that Hooter's got a free Toyota.

  4. Will Yoda be one of our picks in the next giveaway?!?

  5. I like to wash gum, myself. An entire pack is always a treat and just for shits throw it in the dryer.

  6. We usually do pens here. I have learned that I had best check the pockets before I do the wash.

  7. I was going to say what LisaPie said. Here, I usually wash something papery and tissuey that I have wiped on a drippy nose. Sometimes, it receipts. I just make sure that whatever I wash will shred into a million tiny pieces. And, I am the only one here to blame.

  8. I know I shouldn't laugh (and the repair bill part is definitely NOT funny), but damn that made me LOL! And your Yoda quote was priceless under the circumstances.

    At least the repair guy was able to fix the machine!

  9. LisaPie--I can't even publish what I wanted to do with Yoda and #2 son when the repair guy showed me the problem!

    AlexM--Nope, luckily we got it fixed before I ran outta clothes. It was close but we triumphed!lol

    AnnieJ--I saw that once before, too funny!
    In this case, I gained a toy yoda and lost a Toyota in the last 2 months. Don't get me started on car wrecks and insurance companies...grrr!
    I actually did have that toy once...sold it for big money on eBay!8-)

    Sheila--LOL...don't give me any bright ideas, ok?lol

    SonyaAnn--Gum is nifty too, but we prefer Chapsticks in this house. And the Daughter wonders how those petroleum based spots get on her clothes? Geez....

    Precious--Luckily they aren't pen people! I remember that happening in my mom's laundry once when I was a kid....yuck!

    Practical--Yes, papery is the way to go when washing foreign objects...alot less mess and no repair bills as a consequence.

    Pretty--Yes, if he had to replace a part this repair would have been way more expensive. $90 of it was just for the service call...geez! I need to get into that line of work if they pay you $90 to just show up!lol


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