Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Plans Go Boom!

Well we've had some change in the summer plans for this year.

Seems that although Hubs has many MANY days of vacation time/personal time left for the year at his job, he let me know that we won't be able to take any kind of vacation this summer.

His workplace is like many these days where the employees get time off but the work is piled up so high on the employees that haven't been downsized yet, that no one is able to take their days off without feeling like it might cause them to also lose their job.

Plus Hubs is working on time sensitive projects and the deadlines are looming during the summer months so even though he has days to take, he just can't take them now.

This means that unless I want to go somewhere by myself(or with #2 son only, once he gets back from camp), I am stuck at home for the summer.

We also usually take a few days in the early Fall to go to the beach.
But this year, only 1 kid will be left at home and we don't feel he is ready/mature enough to be left alone for the duration, so the fall mini-vacation is off as well.

So now I've got to salvage my summer plans.
If I take #2 son with me somewhere it will have to include an amusement park since that's all he says he wants to do.  He'd have a blast but I'd be bored to tears since I don't "do" rides.
And anything I'd want to do/see would make his eyes glaze over.
Add in the fact that no 15 year old boy wants to 'hang out' with his mom.
You see the problems planning a trip with just us two will

I'm off to ponder a solution.
Any suggestions are certainly welcomed!



  1. I think vacationing alone can be fun, but I know it's not for everyone.

    You could make the rounds of blogger friends. :)

    Or you could just sock away the money you would have spent on a trip.

    Or you could hire a "companion" to go an a trip with you. LOL!

  2. So are you volunteering to be my traveling companion? ;-)

    Visiting blogger friends, Hmmmmm......if any of them would have me!lol

  3. Sluggy, you can visit me! I'll have you.
    If you go to an Amusement park, bring a book for yourself and a friend for your son so that you can sit and relax and they can run around. m.


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