Thursday, June 16, 2011

Decluttering P*rn....The June Edition

Who's up for some P*rn this morning?

The Decluttering kind of course!

Various Beanie type dolls
1 Pee Wee's Playhouse VHS tape
2 Books on Healing Foods
7 Bath Poofs
a buttload of Stickers
1 Refrigerator Magnet
1 Fisher-Price toy(vintage)
2 Silver plated Swan Candle and Flower Holders

Here's a close-up of those.  I picked them up at Sallie's years ago and thought when we entertained I could make use of them.....
Well we never entertain so out they go!

1 willow basket
1 bamboo box
3 women's jackets/coats
1 set of men's thermals

A pile of toys......
93 assorted Kid's Meal toys still in the packages.  It may not look like much in the photo but they fill a Hammermill  paper box.
Now I know you are sitting there thinking, "Gee, she is the meanest mommy in the world, not letting her kids open/play with their Happy Meal toys."
"Gee, she let her kids eat waaaay too much fast food!"

Considering this is a pile of Kid Meal toys from 3 kids and it spans all the fast food they ate over a 15 year period, they really didn't eat chicken-like nugget food that often.
Ok, it's not ALL the kid meal toys they got growing up since they did open and play with more of these things than I would care to recall....especially after stepping on way too many of them as I ran the obstacle course of toys left on the floors of their rooms over the years.

And yes, I did withhold the toys as a rule when they ordered a Happy type Meal.  Since I didn't want them having me buy food they didn't really want to eat, just to get a toy, this policy kept them from asking for food when they weren't really hungry.  We weren't throwing out/wasting food or money.
(Let's not talk about all the kids' meals "I" bought to get teenie beanie babies or pokemon

I'd keep the toys and we'd dole them out at a later date.....say, when they were bored, on long car trips, as prizes for birthday party games, or when they did something to deserve a 'reward'.  So over the years, a large number of these toys didn't get claimed.

Anyway, moving on.....
2 women's bathing suits
1 sweatshirt(new)
1 pair Joe Boxer shorts
7 skateboarding themed t-shirts

And finally.....

6 pieces of Cape Cod Cranberry Glass
Before these hit Salvation Army I'm going to try to sell them locally.
Either way, they will be gone by the end of this month.

So that's my 1st June decluttering booty.
Are you getting rid of junk this month too?
Tell us about your efforts to pare down and declutter!



  1. "1 Fisher-Price toy(vintage)"-I had that record player when I was a kid. And it's now vintage. So sad.
    And great job with all the decluttering. My house is on your to do list, right?

  2. Nice!! I (with help from the son) cleaned out the last of H's clutter in the garage last weekend. I now have a razor scooter, helmet and light table to get rid of via freecycle, and ... the really exciting part -- I can park in my garage for the first time since we bought the house 18 years ago. Wahoo! Decluttering is all good :)

  3. Look at you go. I think I may be a little bit jealous of what you're getting rid of. I think I'm up to date but I have to get back in the swing of things. Maybe next week. m.

  4. Wait a minute! Where's the p*rn you're getting rid of???

  5. I love that you are decluttering. I so love and organized home.

  6. Hi!

    Stopping over from SonyaAnn's blog. :-) Great job decluttering...can you do my girl's playroom next? Maybe you can persuade them better that I to let go! LOL

    You may want to try ebay for the cranberry glass. :-)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Blogger won't let me comment regularly so it had to go under the anonymous category. :-(


  7. Where is the porn you promised? Can you at least flash me?

  8. SonyaAnn-Sure, I'll come declutter your house too.
    Can I send Den, DJ and Anna to Salvation Army with the crap?lol

    Pretty--Park in your GARAGE??? What a novel idea....lololol Shall I tell you we have yet to park in ours and we will have been here in Aug. for 11 yrs? sigh
    At any rate, you go!!

    Mark--See me impatiently tapping my foot, waiting on you to declutter something. Keep up with me man, keep up! ;-)

    McVal--You misundertook me....I've got decluttering p*rn, not p*rn to declutter.
    Any p*rn I get rid of, SonyaAnn gets 1st

    Precious--I know you live for an organized home. Someday I may be like you! Thanks for the comment. 8-)

    Hi Jill--Thanks for stopping by!
    I find that if you want to get rid of the kids' stuff you have to send them away to camp or a week at the grandparents and throw it away/donate it all while they are gone. They come back and hate you for an hour but then you go buy them ice cream cones and they

    My intent on the glass pieces was to put them on eBay but between the low prices on that stuff there and the shipping costs(too heavy/too expensive, thus the low selling prices)I'm going to try the local tag sale site and craigslist instead.

    SonyaAnn--Just wait until next week and I'll show you something shocking...stay tuned!
    Do you REALLY want to be flashed? Haven't you had enough of that sort of thing with DJ and the shower?lol

  9. Wow great job decluttering. I need to do this more often in my house, Starting with the kids room. They have way too much. LOL

  10. Hey! Why does SonyaAnn get first dibs on the p*rn?? I am so jealous!

    Great job on the decluttering!


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