Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This is How I Roll......the Catalinas That is!

I began last week with $12 in Catalinas(1 x $5 and 1 x $7) to roll at Weis Markets.
I did 4 transactions last week, rolling these 2 Cats and rolling the subsequent 2 $7 Catalinas I received in the first 2 transactions I completed.

Select dairy items where "Buy $20, Get a $7 OYNO(aka on your next order)Catalina coupon.
The buy amount was based on the regular shelf price, but most of the items that qualified were on sale last week.  Plus I had coupons for some of the items, which brought my OOP cost even lower.

For example--Friendly's ice cream was one of the qualifying items.  Reg. price is $5.99 at Weis.  It was on sale for $2.50.  I also had tearpad coupons I had obtained at Weis a month ago for $1/2 Friendly's ice cream or sherbet.

So I bought 4 ice creams.
Reg. shelf price of $23.96.
Sale price of $10.00
I used 2 x $1/2 coupons...$10-$2=$8.00
I also had a $7 Catalina coupon from that store for items I bought 2 weeks ago I used.
$8-$7=$1 OOP
I paid $1 for 4 ice creams and got another $7 Catalina coupon back.

Another transaction I bought....
2 Friendly's ice cream-reg. price of $11.98/sale price of $5.00
2 Bailey's creamers-reg. price of $4.78/sale price of $3.33
2 Heluva Good dips-reg. price of $4.38/sale price of $3.33
Total reg. prices of $21.14.
Total sale prices of $11.66.
I used a $1/2 ice cream Q, 2 x $1/1 bailey's IPQs, 2 x .50¢ Helavu Good item IPQs which doubled to $1 each, for a grand total of $5.00 in Qs.
Add in the $5 Catalina Q that I rolled from the previous week and my Q total is $10.
I paid $11.66 and got $10 off in Qs.
$11.66-$10 in Qs=$1.66 OOP for all 7 items.
And I received another $7 OYNO Catalina Q.

I also found and purchased some other good deals at Weis last week.
Like 8.5 lbs. of ground beef with 3 Instant $3 off meat coupons on them, making the per lb. price $1.86.
Store clearance on store brand Kielbasa for $1.99.....this use to be my rock bottom buy price but I haven't seen it this low in about a year here.  The new RBP is $2.50 so I snatched these up fast! 

Here is what I got at Weis in 4 transactions last week.  First the Catalina deal items.....
12 ice creams
2 creamers
3 dips
8 greek yogurt
And everything else....
1 package of yeast
2/3 lb. peaches
4 bags of salad
4 lb. strawberries
1 gallon milk
2 bags of glazed chicken strips
1 lb. shrimp
8.5 lb ground beef
5 lb. kielbasa
1 package of tortillas
7 bottles of 100% juice

Reg. price would have been $231.16.
I paid $88.47 for a savings of 61.73%
And I have $14 in Catalinas to roll(I had a $7 & a $5 from 2 weeks ago that I rolled this week.)

While no where near an EXTREME COUPONING savings trip, I thought it rather good given that I bought alot of meat proteins and nothing "processed" except  for the ice cream, dips and creamer...which were the items that qualified me for the catalina Qs.  They did have other "unprocessed" foods that qualified like cheese, butter and almond milk(this isn't really dairy now, is it?lol) but I didn't need those plus there were no additional coupons for them.

Anyway, that $88.47 added to the health food store purchase brings my food spending in June to $111.95.  I have $138.05 left for this month with 22 days to go.

Do you think I can stay under budget this month?



  1. Nom nom... I wish I had ice cream in the house...

  2. Thanks for posting this. I am trying to get the hang of Catalina's again.


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