Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Food I Bought in May...A Big Boring List

My good blogging buddy Annie Jones over at Real Live Living  posts what she buys every month.  The way she tells it, it shows people that she really does get a lot of food for the little amount she spends each month.  You can eat well and still be frugal.
I think it's a good idea, especially to keep yourself accountable....accountable to what you are spending your food dollars on.
HERE  is her posted list for May.

So I thought this was a real good idea and decided to steal borrow her idea and post all the food I bought in May.

Before I show y'all the list, let me preface it with a couple of caveats so you don't think I regularly buy so much CRAP food. ;-)
Most of the candy was bought as "filler" items for Rite-Aid transactions....except the malted milk balls and the Dove chocies.  I am SO OWNING THAT! 8-)

The chips, whipped cream, cookies, burritos, pizza rolls and some of the ice cream and soda were bought in great numbers for the upcoming graduation party and to keep #2 son happy during the 1st part of the summer.  I don't usually buy some of that stuff and if I do buy it regularly I don't buy so much....unless it's free at Rite-Aid. ;-)

This list isn't necessarily what we "ate" in May since I stockpile, so we may have only eaten a few things(besides the obvious fresh produce).
But it shows you how far, buying on discount, bulk, sale and paring coupons and/or rebates with the deals you can make your money go.

Here's the food items, including pet foods, I bought in May for an out of pocket of $364.30.

Boston Butt Pork Roast-4lbs.
Roast Beef Lunchmeat-1lb.
Turkey Breast Lunchmeat-2 lb.
Chicken Breast(split)-4.5 lb.
Bacon-1 lb.-6 packages
Hamburger Patties-2lb-3 boxes

Chopped Clams-1 can

Blackberries-1.5 lb.
Yellow Squash-2.5 lb.
Apple Butter-1 jar
Bananas-1 lb.
Lettuce-2 heads
Creamed Spinach(frozen)-4 boxes
Brussell Sprouts(frozen)-4 boxes
Celery-1 bunch
Corn-10 ears
Tomatoes-2 lb.
Salad Mix-5 bags

Ricotta Cheese-2lb.
2% Milk-2 gallon
2% Milk-1/2 gallon-2
Skim Milk-1/2 gallon-2
Cooper Sharp Cheese-5 lb.
Whipped Cream-3 cans
Ice Cream-7 containers
Eggs-3 dozen
Sour Cream-16 oz.-2
1lb. Butter-2

Baked Beans-2 cans
Ravioli(frozen)-2 bags

Pretzel Rolls-4
Pie Crust-2
Hot Dog Rolls-3

Spray Oil-2 cans

Ketchup-2 bottles
Mustard-1 bottle

Doritos-4 bags
Tostitos-3 bag
Potato Chips-11 bags
Cookies-4 bags

Robin’s Eggs malted milk balls-1
Choc. covered Cherry-single pce.-2
Dove Chocolates-4 bags
Peeps-3 single boxes
Reese’s PB Egg-single-1

Apple Juice-7 bottles
100% Grape Juice-2 bottles
100% Juice Blend-2 bottles
Energy Drinks-8 cans
Instant Coffee-4 container
Juice Boxes-2 packs 
Iced Tea/Soda-single bottle-3
2 ltr. Soda-2 bottles
Soda-12 packs-8

Blue Cheese Dressing-1 gal.
Spaghetti Sauce-17 cans/jars
Tomato Paste-1 can
Canned Ravioli/Beefaroni-39 cans
Cinnamon Roll Whack Biscuits-3 tubes
Bagel Bites(frozen)-2 boxes
Hash Brown(dehydrated)-4
Pizza Rolls(frozen)-2 large bags
Suddenly Salad-4 boxes
Burritos(frozen)-7 bags
Nesquik Chocolate Powder-16
Nesquik Chocolate Syrup-8
Coffee-mate Powder-1 container

Alpo-14 cans
Mighty Dog-56 cans
Busy Bone(dog treat)-1
Dog Chow Kibble-17 lb-7 bags


  1. I like this post. Great idea ;)

  2. I'd say thanks and take all the credit if I were a lesser

  3. 6 pounds of bacon? Yum...bacon...

  4. Annie J-
    I hit a clearance deal of .99¢ a package bacon that was getting close to the 'sell by' date. I just throw it in the freezer for later.
    Now I wish I had some luck finding filet mignon clearance deals.lolol

    We 'heart' bacon too. I think it should go under the "condiment"heading sometimes.... ;-)

  5. I'm never going to live up to you and Annie's standards. I am a loser. LOL
    Have a great weekend!

  6. LOL! Quit denying! You're just a snacking hound at heart, aren't you?!

  7. SonyaAnn--Oh now stop that! You are NOT a loser.
    Den, Anna and DJ are keeping you from rising to be the creme de la creme that you are! 8-))

    McVal--I confess, the chocolate is mine, ALL MINE you hear!?!? And I do put my share of a dent in the salt & vinegar chips, but doritos and store bought cookies? yuck! That's all the fandamily....


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