Thursday, June 2, 2011

I am So Embarrassed!.....I Have IAAA Syndrome

First some pretty flowers from the yard......

I have to confess that I am so embarrassed this morning!

Last night was the National Honor Society shindig at the high school.
You know, the night all the Type A, Overachiever Kids get together in the school auditorium and parade around for their Overcompensating Parents while the Windbag School Administrators talk on and on, having fun listening to themselves give speeches.

Can you tell I am not a fan of these type events? ;-)  Especially after going through this 2 years previous for this particular child.....

Anyway, Hubs, being out of town, meant I got to sit through this by myself, surrounded by other adults, most of whom didn't want to be there either, after they got the keepsake photos snapped of their particular offspring.
I would share photos of this oh so proud moment of mine but as I've said many times before, the lighting on the stage of the school's auditorium SUCKS donkey butt!
They can spend 1 Million Dollars of my tax dollars on a Football Field but they can't screw in a couple more light bulbs over the stage.
But enough of that now, where was I....where was I?
Oh yes........

For all the Senior Inductees, they put a slide up on the wall which has their name, the college they are going to be attending including what major they have chosen and a few of their accomplishments, any awards and scholarships won.  The slide information is read aloud while the coresponding student walks across the stage to receive their NHS medal.

I noticed that every single student was going to college.  I guess that is to be expected from this bunch, huh?lol
A few other factoids....
Only 4 of the 52 Seniors are going out of state.  There where many future Penn State and Pitt students among the number, but the vast majority of them were slated to go to schools in our community.....the "baby" Penns, the private schools of Wilkes U. & Kings College, Misericordia and Marywood, along with a slew of matriculates for the local Community College.  There were only 4 or 5 other grads besides my daughter going to attend one of the 14 affiliated state schools and no one else in this group will be attending her particular school of those 14 universities.
For some reason, this makes Daughter very happy.....
She does well in school but she is not a big fan of educational organizations either.   Sounds just like me, doesn't it?lol

Now for the embarrassing part--
As I was sitting outside waiting for Daughter to come pick me up with the car, a fellow parent couple started chit chatting with me.  He is a local businessman......he might be our insurance agent, I won't say.
We are making small talk like middle-class folks are want to do, and the subject gets to a certain part of the state, where #1 son attends college and this couple also use to live, regarding the brutal snowy winters in that area. 
And I am trying to bring up a story in my memory bank that someone told me about how the area next to that Great Lake, where this couple lived, gets less snow than the area further from the lake where #1 son lives away at school.  I am trying to remember who to attribute this story to and mistakenly say #1 son knows someone out there who told it to him originally.
Afterwords, after I've gotten into the car and we have driven a piece down the road, my brain kicks in and I realize that the person who had told me that story was the guy I was telling it to!
Most. Embarrassed. Ever.

Ok, so I blame the painkillers I took beforehand so my knees could get me to the event....
and the totally unseasonal, blisteringly, muggy heat of the last week that has short circuited my brain......
and my usual menopausal, muddled thought process and lack of short term memory.

I. Am. An. Ass.

An ass with a bright daughter, but an ass all the same.....



  1. Oh honey, I feel your pain. I live in a state of confusion. Just don't post about it.LOL

  2. My nephew goes to Swarthmore, is that in your neck of the woods?

  3. SonyaAnn-I guess I'm in good company then....

    LisaPie-We are 2 hours north of Swarthmore. Not my neck but close to my left hip of the


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