Monday, June 13, 2011

Circumstantial Pomp 2011

So I've been MIA from the Blogging Universe for the last couple of days.....ok, the last THREE Days!

I plead Insanity your Honor.

In the last 8 days I've half-assedly cleaned the house from top to bottom, had 3 relatives & a kid and his GF come to stay-over for various lengths of time, thrown a party and done all the cooking(Sis-IL did help with some of the prep work), helped pack a kid up to work across state for 2 months, fed various relatives various meals besides the party along with all the usual crap I do here.  And I fit in a couple of blog posts last week, as well as 1 trip to the grocery store, 1 trip to Kmart and 3 trips to you even considered I'd NOT go to Rite-Aid??? HA!

I so wish I had more of a stack of photos to share from my week.
But there are 2 reasons I don't.
1--I don't have a camera growing out of my hand like some people do cough *mark* cough and....
2--My camera sucks.  It's old and not very powerful and doesn't have good features beyond your basics.
And add in a #3 that I don't take very good photos either.  I just don't have 'the eye'.

With that said, here is how the last week went down......

The Sis-IL arrived last Sunday with her teddy bear companions(don't ask!).  I was so busy the first few days with cleaning and staying cool(it was almost 90 here for most of the week!)and not going insane that I didn't think to snap a photo of anything besides my Rite-Aid booty until Thursday when #1 son arrived with his Girl Friend.
Here is is trying to turn her to face the camera for a photo and her smacking him in the face.
Ain't love grand?

Here's a better shot of them with a couple of old fogies(Hubs and Sis-IL) in the way....

We decided to play Boggle that evening for fun.
Let me explain that I am the Master of the Boggle least in our family.
None of them has ever beaten me at Boggle...ever.
Not just NOT beaten me in points for the whole game, but NOT beaten me in points for a single Round either.
Wow.....the secret is out now.  I blew my chance at ever being a World Boggle Shark, haven't I?!

Anyhow, we started a friendly game of Boggle.
#1 son had the great idea to level the playing field by spiking my lemonade with SoCo(aka Southern Comfort).
He was really probably trying to sneak himself a drink of it and when I caught him he came up with the leveling the field idea.

Either way, he didn't get any and I still won at Boggle, again! ;-)
Granted I couldn't stand up afterwords....

On Friday around noon my Brother and my other Sis-IL arrived, Hubs went to get BIL and the Nephew and Daughter brought her Boyfriend over.  After #2 son got home from school, his 2 buddies from down the street wandered over about the time the food was ready.  It's amazing how teenage boys have food radar like that, huh?lol

We had a family preGraduation cook-out from 2ish until 4.
I would have loved to share gorgeous shots of us all cramming our mouths with food but I was too busy manning the grill on the back deck and the smoker on the driveway out front.
Of course no one else took any pictures.

After we ate people found comfortable places to lounge and some of us snoozed.....

This is my Brother's wife.  They had an 8 hr. ride to get here and her everyday life is even more Crazy Busy then my life was this past week.  She deserves to nap any damn time/place she feels like it.
Don't judge.....

Everyone was feeling full and relaxed.
Here's the future Graduate and her BF goofing off for the camera.....

Then it was time to get to the Arena for the Commencement exercises.
I won't bore you with how I went over and dressed down some rude, young adults in the audience by us who were there to talk loudly amongst themselves through all the speeches and the kids' performances so no one around them could hear anything and then only SHUT UP doing that long enough to scream and yell at the top of their lungs when their buddies' names were called.  Hubs held me back from swinging at them with my big heavy black cane too.
I guess with all the money we will be spending next month on college tuition there isn't much left to pay my bail.

Here is one shot Hubs took of Daughter leaving the Arena....

She was the 5th one in the processional in and one of the last in the recessional out.
My, my.....another awkward

And here are a slew of the obligatory Graduation photos of the newly diploma'ed with her family....

First the boyfriend.
Daughter is tall which makes the BF a giant......

Then with soon to be broke Mom & Dad.
And no, I am NOT bald.  I don't know where my hair was....

Then with Uncle and Aunt from VA.....

Then with Hubs family--another Uncle, the Cousin and another Aunt from IL.....

Then again with Mom & Dad.
My hair is still MIA and I look like a happy lunatic.
I was probably asking for an adult beverage by that point.....

And finally with her 2 Brothers.
Yes her older brother really went all out dressing up for the occasion.
And I actually got the hair out of #2 son's face long enough to get a photo.  He is giving me the stink eye.  I didn't push it and try for a second take because he just finished playing Pomp & Circumstance with the School Band a bazillion times inside the Arena.

Then we asked Daughter to pose alone.....the elegant Graduation shot for posterity, and this is what we got.

And Sis-IL's arm too boot.

Then it was back to the house for cake.....or as Sis-IL from VA kept pronouncing it, "keck".  She's been on a "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" movie kick lately.
Here's the Graduation Cake, er Keck......

 Daughter ordered the cake herself.  The school colors are red and black.  Not very festive a combination unless it's a wake or Halloween.  The least she could have done is had them put flowers on it.  Big old Black icing roses would have perked that baby up, ya think?

She also ordered a half yellow, half chocolate cake.
I kept referring to it as the diversity cake.
All the grown-ups got a big laugh out of that.
All the young'uns groaned and rolled their eyes at me.
Yes, I am so witty when I am exhausted and sleep deprived.

I made Daughter cut and serve everyone a slice.  She was very methodical and deliberate about it and took forever.
I think she should concentrate on cutting instead of loony bin once she gets to medical school since she dissected that cake with the skill of a surgeon.

After cake and gifts Daughter left for the Senior Lock-In and we old folks all collapsed into our respective beds.

On Saturday Sis-IL from IL hit the road for the trip home.
The young'uns all went off to see friends and do various fun stuff.

The grown-ups?
We laid around and napped and ate and napped some more.

Then we took everyone who was left out for Chinese.
We sat out on the deck and talked.
Then we all went to bed early again.

On Sunday morning #1 Son, GF and Daughter left for camp....

Brother and Sis-IL followed suit a half-hour later and left for their trip back to VA.
And I went back to bed and slept a good part of Sunday away.

Which leads us to this fine Monday morning.
The unseasonably hot weather has abated, the house is finally quite(at least until noon when #2 Son returns home from school)and I can begin contemplating my summer plans.

And I can begin boring you with posts again.
Aren't you one lucky devil?



  1. Your son's hair is gorgeous! I want it. As for your disappearing hair, mine goes perfectly flat and sticks to my head in the heat and humidity. But, since I keep it dark, it doesn't disappear too much. I need a nap after all you did! You sound giddy with fatigue!

  2. Sluggy, love the recap. And for your information, I do not have a camera growing out of my hadn. Ooops, sorry for the typo, my camera got in the way.
    And now that I can see your son's face(Lifetouch picture), he is a cute kid!
    Congrats to your graduate. I love her "elegant" pose. She's such a lady.
    I'm glad you're back. Fred and I had a huge fight last night over coupons. I blame you.
    Your "diversity" friend, m.

  3. OMG! I need a nap just from reading that. I am so glad my relatives don't want to come stay at my house. LOL! Wait, if they wanted to, I would let them, but they would have to do some of the work.

    Congrats to your daughter!

  4. Practical P--I don't give #2 much grief about the hair(unless it's in his face and I can't see his eyes)since I know the fate that will befall it once he hits 30 or so. Both sides of the families gave him the male pattern baldness trait.

    Mark--I will convey the congrats to our piss elegant young lady. What can I say?....the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
    Uh oh....sorry to bestow a little coupon discord into your lives. Has Fred gone over the coupon edge? Should I come for the intervention?

    Frances--Thanks Frances. I am just glad it's over and everyone has left. I am too old to take all that hostess stress anymore. I just want to sit on the deck and let someone else do it all. Maybe in my next

  5. Oh my! You're going to sleep all week, aren't you?
    What a huge school that you had to sit in the nose bleed section! and deal with hecklers!
    Your son reminds me of my son and hair. Someone sent my son a grad card with $5 in it that said, Use this toward a hair cut... :) He didn't.

  6. Love the Mark dig! It was said with love but ubber funny!
    And reading the post made me tired. But if it makes you feel better, I'm crazy busy here too. I'm going to try and tell you about it if I have time.
    And I suck at boggle so we will never play! Now star wars trivia I might stand a chance against you.

  7. McVal--I'd sleep til September if I could get away with
    RE:your son's grad card...LOLOL

    SonyaAnn--I love mark, I hope he knows that. 8-)
    I'm all ears waiting on your crazy busy post....
    And I KNOW you'd clean my clock in a SW trivia contest!

  8. I also am tired reading it all. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. Congratulations to your daughter.

  9. I would not complain about his hair at all if he were mine and had such gorgeous hair. Clean is the key! Long, greasy hair is what bothers me. My son will never go bald. His ggfather died with a full head of hair. Gfather had plenty when he died. My son's father probably has not lost a bit of his, from what I see in pictures. So, what does my son do? He shaves it! For at least 15 years he has sported this style. Grrrr.


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