Friday, November 11, 2011

Got Decluttering P*rn?.......Some People Need a CLUE!

Another Load for Salvation Army already, leaving today or tomorrow, depending on if Hubs feels like dropping it off today or not.

I'm turning into a crazy purging woman I tell ya! you knew the crazy part already.....

2 more Yoda Star Wars Complete Galaxy Figure Set
1 Darth Vader Star Wars Complete Galaxy Figure Set
1 more Star Wars 12" Action Figure
1 Power Rangers Falcon Summoner toy
3 Star Trek 12" Action Figures

1 Set of plastic shelving

1 Book
2 plastic plates
1 plastic popcorn bucket
a ceramic commemorative miniature plate(try saying that fast 10 times!lol)
3 sets of notecards/stationery
1 set of vintage diaper pins
1 power rangers music tape

1set of Pokemon curtains
1 Star Wars top sheet
1 Power Rangers sleeping bag

4 Star Trek Miniature Playsets
2 Sheets of Cat in the Hat Window Clings

2 Silver plated Serving Dishes *I forgot to take a photo before I bubble wrapped these suckers so I borrowed this photo off of someone's eBay listing ;-)  So just imagine 2 of these things here.
I have to tell y'all a FUNNY thing that happened.
A few months back, I tried to link one of my Decluttering posts to a Blog That I Care NOT to Name Here, who's focus is on Cleaning and Making Your Home Happy and Functional.  She has a link up thing every once and awhile.
Even though she is not one of those militant Christian Mommy Blogs(you KNOW the ones...), I mistakenly believed she had a sense of humor!  And that she would totally "GET" my tongue in cheek Decluttering post titles where I refer to the crap you declutter as P*rn.  It's not like I actually typed out P-O-R-N, right?

Evidently she was born without lower frontal lobes in her brain that control our sense of funny.

Because a few hours after linking to her Linky Thing, she removed me!
Just like that! email to me asking me what WAS I thinking or letting me know why she pulled my bloggy plug. 

Ok Miss Thing Who has decidedly NO sense of humor or fun.
I can now say I have seen it all!
I've met someone with a smaller sense of humor than Sheldon.



  1. Well how rude! Pick up Mark and then me and we will show her what funny is..geez..its not like you put naked pics of the hubby up(hmm maybe we could get Mark to do that..sorry mind wandered into the gutter again).

    I love your cleaning porn.


  2. Ugg, legalism. I am a Christian and proud of it. BUT, I have a sense of humor and I live in the real world. I used the word freakin' on my blog and lost like 4 followers.

    I enjoy your decluttering porn. I also love to look at people's "stockpile porn." Look, I just typed the word porn three times. I need to go flog myself and repent...

  3. Your cleaning and decluttering inspires me! I don't think porn itself inspires me to declutter, but your efforts do!
    I think that's rude too...
    But then again, every time I mention my dad in my posts, someone drops me... See? There are others out there with NO sense of humor!

  4. That was terrible! I love you and your porn. I want MORE MORE MORE!
    Great job on the dejunking. I need to start on my house. If I had my way I would get rid of everything. But that is just me.

  5. I want to know if you do porn for other people? I mean my crawlspace under the steps need to be cleaned out.


  6. That's crazy! And who needs her blog, anyway :)

    I'm still having a really rough time logging in to blogger in order to post (so here, as an example, I used the Name/URL option and type my info in each time I post. I've actually wondered if it isn't a result of the "fart" part of my blog name, ID, and email address. Like someone reported it and now I'm actually kept from posting... It seems so ridiculously paranoid of me to wonder that, but... people are bothered by strange things sometimes :)

    I love your decluttering p*rn posts!!!!


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