Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gravy Impossible or The Final Chapter of The Great Gravy Caper

Well, I still needed 13 cans of gravy for the FB as we headed into Saturday.
So Hubs took me up to the Evil Empire(aka Weis Markets)after he went to the Bank.
We sneaked up on the PF/Campbell's/Swanson Display and as I reached for the first of 22 cans I planned on getting(have to buy in lots of 11 to get the $5 discount), I saw a NEW little sign hanging on the shelf that said, "LIMIT 8 CANS".
I channeled my dear dead pet chihuahua, Mango, and muttered, "Crap!".
The cashiers probably wouldn't enforce this limit if I had Hubs do 11 cans and I did 11 cans PLUS we were buying other stuff so the gravy wouldn't be obvious.

And frrankly, when I want to, I can charm the pants off the Pope(not that I'd want to do that, have you seen His Holiness?lol)so limit of 8 didn't put me off of gravy procurement at all!
But as Hubs was in attendance(and he likes to play things safe and boring), I decided not to push the limit.

I handed Hubs 7 cans of gravy & 5 cans of soup(to get the $5 discount), 4 strips of yeast, a handful of coupons and told him to go get 2 sour creams and a bag of shredded cheese and checkout.

I turned and grabbed 8 cans of gravy(this last 15 would give me the 13 I needed to fulfill the FB request + 2 extra)& 5 cans of soup(to get the $5 discount).  Then I picked up other goodies to the tune of $17.21 OOP after sales/Qs.

Hubs order came to $7.30 OOP

All totaled, 83 cans of gravy bought at reg. retail would have been $115.37.  Even on big discount sale at .50¢ a can, it would have cost upwards of $41.50. 
I was able to get it all for around $5 OOP.

All these last 35 lovely cans are headed to the Methodist Church tomorrow morning.

And about the photo above?
Yes, it is true! can bathe in gravy!!
Check it out HERE.



  1. Your hubs and mine never play on the wild side. Den fights me too if I don't play it by the book. Men!

  2. They have bacon soap too. Ewwwwww

  3. So your gravy escapades got you noticed!!! I knew it!
    My mom is like you. She could talk a gas station into taking a check even though they have huge signs stating the opposite. The secret is filling your tank first!... These were the days before ATM cards.

  4. LOL! The Great Gravy Caper - this has been so much fun to read!!!


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